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5 March 2015

The tradition of dancing Sixes Seville

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One of the most curious and ancient religious traditions of Seville. Schedule your visit and enjoy from our Monte Carmelo and Monte Triana close proximity to this event hotels.

 six-Triduum-carnival - 644x362 Among the most curious traditions that history has left the city of Sevilla is that of Dance of the Six which has been underway in the city since 1613.

is These dances and songs performed by ten children dressed in the style of the court of Austria, with a sleeveless jacket (juboncillo) tight to the body and varying in color, with red for the days of the octave of Corpus and blue for of the Immaculate Conception. The lower garment using the choirboys is a short and white, like stockings panties. All this is accompanied by a band that crosses the chest, lined satin shoes and a white shade adorned with feathers.

Dance of the six are part of the religious tradition of the city and dates indicated in the Seville liturgy, in the preamble Triduum Carnival Ash Wednesday, which begins with Lent, in the Octave of Corpus Christi and on the feast of the Immaculate. Festivities that fit the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.

The music they perform singing and dancing, was originally medieval carols character. In the late sixteenth century and are being replaced by musical songs best efforts, created by the Precentor of the Cathedral, with organ and orchestra, polyphonic musical forms, and have evolved according to the taste of each century, from the “gallant” and “gigas” to “pavanas” but always with the particularity that the compass is interpreted slow and ceremonious. Currently corresponds to works of Hilarion Eslava (1807-1887), Evaristo García Torres (h.1834-1902) and Eduardo Torres (1872-1934). His way is always to Carol, like the seventeenth century: introduction, chorus (with instrumental end and castanets) and songs.

In all actions in the six participating they perform three dances, one in honor of the Blessed Sacrament, or in honor of the Virgin, the second dance in honor of the prelate, and the third in honor of authorities and people. Besides participating in worship, and dance before the altar in two octaves, usually come in other exceptional occasions. Also during the Corpus Christi procession accompanying the Custodian on its journey through the streets, and they are singing in front of her. Arriving at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the Plaza del Salvador, where altars are installed, the Custody stops, and then interpret their dances six therein.

The next intervention Sixes will be the June 4, the feast of Corpus Christi and continues for seven days.

This amazing and unique tradition is just one of the many customs and cultural attractions that can be enjoyed while staying at hotel in Seville and go this beautiful Andalusian, always surprising and full of little stories, adventures undiscovered nooks and corner.

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4 March 2015

Sculpture and prints of Juan Luis Vassallo in Cádiz

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An interesting proposal that brings us to the work of this sculptor and painter of his family has donated to the city of Cadiz in recognition of his great love for this city.

 juan-luis-vassallo The Reina Sofía Cultural Centre for Cádiz houses the permanent exhibition dedicated to Juan Luis Vassallo currently has 140 works and twenty original drawings donated by family artist.

Among the exhibits in the building are some of the most significant works of the sculptor production, as Gades, Leda, Little Bather stone or resting. Among the awards he Vassallo Parodi received during his career are the First Prize in the National Contest of 1936, the first medal at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1948 with Gades. In 1964 he won the first prize in the National Sculpture Competition organized by the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid for its monument to Minerva.

The building is a real gem of his time, stands on its walls for its classic, balanced and monumental appearance. At the time seven residences or dwellings military engineers benefited. The Reina Sofía Cultural Centre was opened in October 2006 by SM Queen Sofia.

  • Address: Paseo Carlos III, 9
  • Schedule: of Mon. to Sat. 9 h. to 21 h. Dom. 9 h to 15 h.
  • Price: free entry

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3 March 2015

Collection of the Russian Museum St. Petersburg in Málaga

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Hotel Monte Malaga welcomes this new proposal makes Malaga the lead in cultural and museum offer of Andalusia. Málaga Congratulations and we wish you every success in this new project.

 museoruso_MA Next March 25 opens at the site of the former tobacco factory in Málaga , known as Tabacalera , the permanent exhibition of the collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg / Málaga which is articulated in nine thematic areas: the ancient Russian art, the eighteenth century, Russian Romanticism, Realism, Realism with Russian themes, the movement of “The Art World” and the neo-primitivism, the Vanguards, Realism Socialist Art in the Age of icing that was experienced after the death of Stalin.

La Tabacalera, in an adapted for this new use building has 2,300 square meters and 777 linear meters for display of artwork within the enclosure erected in the 1920s following the model of architecture regionalist then in vogue.

Over a hundred pieces dating from the fifteenth and twentieth centuries specially selected Malaga, besides the works, will integrate two temporary exhibitions each year, the agreement signed by the city of Málaga and Museum St. Petersburg matrix allows Russian artistic creation engage in a constant dialogue with visitors.

The works selected for the first year ranging from Byzantine icons inspiration to Socialist realism of the Soviet era with an impressive set pieces, ranging from small format to monumental pieces.

These works testify to the Russian rich artistic legacy of the past centuries, with well known names, of universal fame, Russian and Soviet art, as Repin, Kandinsky, Tatlin, Rodchenko or Chagall, to other authors entail a discovery for visitors here will find a center that will also offer two temporary exhibitions each year, selected works from over 400,000 treasured the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

These funds will be wrapped continuously by a constant and varied cultural offer in the form of guided tours, film screenings and concerts necessary to know the best way the richness of Russian art: from the Orthodox devotion Icons representing golden background to the bourgeois tradition of portrait or landscape and the great convulsions of the Cubist avant-Futurists and constructivist nature, to the social message of socialist realism, all avatars of Russian art will be present in the Collection the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg / Málaga, which is the first stable and permanent relationship between a Russian museum and a city of Spain.

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2 March 2015

Natalia Dicenta Quintet at the Lope de Vega theater in Seville

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The Lope de Vega theater in Seville, close to our Hotel Monte Carmelo presents the show “Colours” the versatile artist Natalia Dicenta.

 Natalia_dicenta_colours Natalia Dicenta Quintet presents his jazz show, entitled “ Colours “next March 3 in Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla .

For over thirty-five years ago the actress and singer Natalia Dicenta covers almost all fields of the performing and visual arts.

One of the most striking aspects of Natalia Dicenta is his passion for music, specifically by JAZZ. Since 1999 develops its potential as a soloist, alternating concerts and theater performances. Experience has led him to become Executive Producer of their first album, COLOURS, which in late 2013 was released. In 2014 he had his recognition by opening the poster Getxo Jazz Festival, one of the most recognized nationally. He also performed many concerts throughout the Spanish geography, which include the Festival de Jazz de Jaca, Jazz Circle (Circle BB.AA of Madrid), Network of the Community of Madrid, etc.

With : Vicente Borland (direction and piano), Reinier Elizarde “Negrón” (Bass), Israel Sandoval (guitar), Antonio Calero (drums), Marcelo Peralta (sax) .

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1 March 2015

SENIORS offer benefits for seniors

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Those over 65 years enjoy better conditions in our Monte Hotels. Take advantage and join us for a well deserved break.

 gen_127_ES HOTELS MONTE rewards over 65 years offering promotion SENIORS .

Those users who reserve rooms in our hotels Sunday through Thursday under this offer “Seniors” , may do so at the price of € 65 per room per night for bed and buffet breakfast, VAT included, in hotels  Monte Conquero (Huelva) and Monte Carmelo (Sevilla) under identical conditions but at 75 € in the Hotel Monte Puertatierra (Cádiz) .

This promotion is subject to availability of dates in each of the establishments. To access it, you can do so through the following links. See conditions.





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28 February 2015

“The Phantom of the Opera” in the Columbus House Huelva

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The most acclaimed musical returns to Huelva in luxurious settings, the Columbus House to delight the audience with this fully onubense production.

 ElfantasmadelaOpera_HU Following the success of “Les Miserables. In Concert “and again with the music and artistic production of the Municipal Lyceum Music Moguer, returns to Huelva on February 28 Casa Colón this sublime spectacle began his tour last October 12 in the auditorium FIBES and they will go all over the country, was previewed in Huelva in July 2014.

The Phantom of the Opera is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe and libretto of Andrew Lloyd Webber own and Richard Stilgoe. It is based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra Gaston Leroux and as in this, its central plot revolves around Christine Daae, a beautiful soprano Opera Paris who becomes the obsession of a mysterious disfigured composer.

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27 February 2015

Exhibition “Landscapes in the rear” in ECCO Cádiz

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Hotel Monte Puertatierra recommends a visit to ECCO located in what Artillery Barracks was built in 1732 and restored by the City of Cadiz as an exhibition. Today we present one of several samples exhibiting.

 paisajesenlaretaguardia_ECCO_CA Until March 30 on Space for Contemporary Creation of Cadiz ECCO gives us exposure “Landscapes in the rear” . A project co-produced by Coastline & ECCO.

The exhibition includes the results of the artist residency at Coastline held in September 2014. Landscapes in the rear is an exhibition project based on personal experience Miguel Moreno , knowledge and exchange of views on Carnival artisans, particularly those most representative symbolizing the past, present and future of these disciplines as a rule, always remaining in the anonymity. This exhibition makes a direct reflection on the foreign reaction of these paintings “forillos” windows that illuminate like a beacon and reiterating placing value year after year, the scenic value of city of Cádiz .

Miguel A. Moreno Carretero – El Carpio (Córdoba), 1980 graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville in the specialty of Painting. It has a multidisciplinary project that combines installation, painting and sculpture with a particular interest in interventions in public space. His work has been exhibited in various art centers in Spain, USA, Italy, Belgium and Mexico. He has received numerous awards and fellowships and his work is included in collections such as the CDAN of Huesca, Andalusian the Collection of contemporary art in Granada Antonio Gala Foundation or Drive Music . Committee member Art Parks and Gardens of Spain has given courses and lectures at universities and art centers. He is the creator and director since 2002 of Scarpia public art project that develops continuously since 2002 in El Carpio Cordova.

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26 February 2015

Un ballo in maschera at the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga

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Production of Opera Company presents OPERA 2001 at the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga one of the best known works of Verdi.

 1584-unballo_B_01 The Teatro Cervantes de Málaga program on February 28 and March 1 Un ballo in maschera opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi on a libretto by A. Somma.

The production will feature soloists, orchestra and choir Lyric Company OPERA 2001 and
co-production with the Opera de Massy (Paris-Sud).
Un ballo in maschera is the stunning result of the creative maturity of Verdi. Full of poetry, strength and expressiveness of great musical and intense characterization of colorful characters, is considered the most successful Verdi after Il trovatore , released six years earlier. Numerous memorable moments and arias for the showcasing of the soloists.

Based on a more or less historical fact: the assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden at a masked ball in 1792, the result of a political conspiracy hatched by a group of nobles opposition to his government, Verdi had huge problems with censorship to release his new opera. Absolutist censors Naples, where he had commissioned the work and where its premiere was scheduled, did not give their approval and demanded Verdi some modifications. The action moves from Stockholm to Boston, King Gustav III becomes the count and governor Riccardo … and so on down to the version we know today though, for some decades now, has been returning to the characters their original names.

The drama will flow under the shade of an impossible love, jealousy, betrayal and crime, all tinged with certain supernatural dyes personified in the witch and prophecies.

Eri tu che macchiavi quell’anima

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25 February 2015

Patrimonium Hispalense. Virtual Museum of Sevilla

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An approach to museum collections of the City of Seville.

 patrimonium_proyectos The ICAS (Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville) organizes, manages, conserves, researches, communicates and interprets the municipal heritage bringing it to the visitors through the project Patrimonium Hispalense that has become a living project that demonstrates the importance of municipal collection Sevilla and heritage sites that are being launched: The Town Hall and the Antiquarium, pillars of the municipal museum collection of Seville.

Patrimonium Hispalense is articulated through a web of high resolution allowing visitors a high quality approximation of the works exhibited in dependent public spaces of the City of Seville.

A virtual museum through ‘high definition photographs’, exposes the valuable art collection of Seville Consistory. A digital gallery mode, the page displays not only images of the paintings, sculptures and relics of municipal property but also historical information, artistic and provenance of the work, as well as its specific location. ”

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24 February 2015

Cádiz hosts the National Swimming Championships

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Cadiz City Complex will host the championship he will call 740 145 young swimmers clubs throughout Spain.

 natacion_cadiz City Council Cádiz and Spanish Swimming Federation have presented next National Infant and Junior Championship .

Swimming pools Complex Cadiz city as a backdrop, the championship will convene 740 young swimmers from 145 clubs across Spain days between February 26 and March 1 .

A long weekend of fun and sporty week, according to some estimates, could bring between athletes, federations and family about 2,000 people to the city.

This competition will also serve for the selection of young swimmers who will represent Spain in the Youth Olympic Days and the Junior Championship Eurogames.

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