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26 August 2015

Raphael Symphony in Huelva

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A show that combines the particular ways of Raphael on stage with the sound of a symphony orchestra. Songs always reinvented. A memorable place to enjoy one of our greatest artists opportunity. :

 Raphael Symphony in Huelva Raphael, presented next September 3, 2015 in the Plaza de Toros de La Merced Huelva one of his great productions.

Raphael Symphony is the new project that will perform with a symphony orchestra its largest and best known hits.

Rafael Martos “Raphael”, born in Linares (Jaén), at 72 and with more than 55 career, and has amply demonstrated his artistic talent and his skills on stage. Well known for the great public and interpreter Spanish greatest hits as “I am the one” or “scandal”, Raphael brings to this new production Huelva already presented in other settings with great acceptance of public and critics. After the Teatro Real in Madrid , his hometown Linares and Almería, the show reaches Huelva and can ensure that will be memorable.

From Huelva, part Raphael to your next appointment in Daimiel (Ciudad Real) to continue this tour that will end in Bilbao in February 2016. A dozen cities across Spain that this becomes a legendary singer authentic experience, turning with passion in each of its functions.

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21 August 2015

Muelle de las Delicias. Seville

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New center amenities that will become rather fashionable thanks to its location near the center of Seville. :

 Muelle de las Delicias - Hotel Mount Carmel Sevilla , like other port cities in recent years, has been aware of the need to integrate what was an industrial environment in the daily lives of its citizens before. A space that is usually large open is very susceptible playful use.

The Muelle de las Delicias is located south of the “Spring of New York”, between The Bridge Remedios and Puente de las Delicias , this was built in 1990 and replaced the bridge Alfonso XIII, known as “Iron Bridge” also drawbridge that was in service from 1929 until replaced.

The result of the development policy promoted by the American Exhibition of Seville of 1929, counted on the infrastructure, train line, cranes and sheds its own functions . Another major event in the heart of Universal Exposition in Seville in 1992 , gave new functions being for receiving cruise ships and peculiar, moving the regular merchant traffic to previous stretch of the river.

 Puente de las Delicias In the vicinity of the pier is the building of the Port Authority , a crane nineteenth century The Naval Command and observation wheel built in 2015. The Commander is built to be the Pavilion Admiralty American Exhibition of 1929. Together historicist building Spring is also the Pavilion Argentina in the same exhibition, which today serves as dance conservatory.

The playful exploitation to which we referred earlier has taken shape in recent years with the already opened project Aquarium Sevilla the Noria and the installation of various dining and drinks that have given the area a wonderful nightlife.

El Muelle de las Delicias is located very close to Hotel Monte Carmelo . A place of leisure and recreation that is taking shape, becoming one of the hot spots in Seville thanks to its privileged location, near the city center.

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19 August 2015

Gastronomy of the Sierra de Huelva

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The ham is the star product of the gastronomy of the Sierra de Huelva, but not alone. An interesting variety and quality that deserves to be enjoyed. :

 Sierra de Huelva - Hotel Tartessos Further to our approach to the rich and varied cuisine of the province of Huelva, and commented Sea Gastronomy Huelva now go through the mountain.


The limits that establish boundaries to the north by Extremadura, to the east by the province of Seville, southern coalfield and the west with Portugal defined what we know as Sierra Huelva , a name that sets the location of Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche .  mapa_SierradeAracena

The Sierra de Huelva

With an area of ​​187,000 hectares, 28 municipalities and a variety of fauna and flora including characteristics of the pasture with large tracts of oaks species. The pasture has allowed an important development of the food industry, particularly the Iberian pig which is fed primarily acorns, fruit of the oak.

And this well-fed animal, best products, Iberian ham , star of Huelva cuisine, world-renowned delicacy, protected by the Designation of Origin “Jamón de Huelva” . Its texture, aroma and unique flavor distinguish it from similar products of other manufacturing countries.  AJC_Sierra_006

But not only lives ham Sierra de Huelva. To quote a popular saying, “the pig to the gait”, all derived from this animal just spoiled in the mountain recipes accompanied by the best vegetables from the gardens of the place. Known among these, beans, asparagus and particularly that there are plenty of recipes, mushrooms as gurumelo ( Amanita ponderosa ) or the níscalo ( Lactarius deliciosus ), which are harvested in the fall.

Among the fruits are popular the Strawberry of Huelva or quince .

also deserves mention the pastries, hornazos Easter, the syrup, piñonates, muffins, fritters, donuts, torticas syringe butter and eggs, coffee merengá, bacon from heaven, the cortadillos cider, borrachuelos, rosquitos, sopaipas and of the gañotes.

And We left for another time the wines among which are the County wines .

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17 August 2015

Roman theater in Málaga

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a stage recovered from the numerous archaeological remains hidden ancient Roman Malacca, Malaga today. :

 Teatro Romano de Málaga - Hotel Monte Málaga Discovered in 1951, the Roman Theater in Malaga it is located on the side of the Alcazaba in Málaga .

Built in the time of Augusto was known to use until the third century AD , Becoming during the decline of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Arab occupation in quarry for the restructuring of the nearby Alcazaba, where they found Roman capitals and shafts of columns.

Hidden for centuries, today we can admire its full structure, cavea or stands, the orchestra , semicircular space between it and the stage and the proscenium or scenario.

Preliminary excavations for the construction of the Palace gardens of Archives and Libraries, known as La Casa de la Cultura, exposed the underground structure of a large warehouse linked to a Roman factory that was built in the enclosure in the IV-V centuries. Its hydraulic mortar lined and supported by central pillars supporting soils in blocks from the theater exploded. Its construction therefore was responsible for the loss of the western two-thirds of the basilica southern theater.

In 2011, after twenty-seven years of restoration work, regained its use as a performance space.

The Roman Theater in Malaga has been released, for example, in this July 2015, the classic comedy of Plautus, “Miles Gloriosus” by Company Classical Contemporary in the cycle Theatres Romans Andalusia .

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14 August 2015

Cadiz hidden. La Casa Aramburu.

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A dramatized visit to the Aramburu House, a beautiful modernist building, exponent of the best times of expansion and progress of Cadiz. :

 Casa Aramburu - Hotel Monte Puertatierra Located in the historic center of Cadiz , the Casa Aramburu is one of the best preserved examples of Art Nouveau architecture, although it was built in the early eighteenth century.

quadrangular with two street facades and Plaza de San Antonio , is probably the most photographed building in the city, both for its strategic situation as stunning looks.

Aramburu House has four floors and roof. Downstairs for years was the familiar Banking, on the mezzanine, family accommodation, classrooms and from where the staircase that accesses the main floor, where among other cameras are French and English dining rooms.

A wooden staircase lit by windows quadrilobate lead to the two remaining plants dedicated to hosting service personnel as well as offices and auxiliary facilities.

The present appearance of the house is due to the reform and decoration were carried out in 1910, when it became part of the heritage of a niece of the then owners, who as a wedding gift is he adapted to modernist tastes of the time. The architect was Cabrera Latorre, well known for his work then the Gran Teatro Falla .

While maintaining its original beauty, the reform included a new cover, the holes of the balconies or series of arches for which it had to sacrifice room.

the central courtyard was also eliminated hitherto dominated by a fountain, constructed in its place a grand marble staircase with wrought iron railings very French taste.

The rooms are decorated in different styles, highlighting the Pompeian courtyard full of illusions bathed in daylight.

Over a thousand square meters with different styles, art-deco, Elizabethan, Seville, modernists, Basque or Italianate are recognizable throughout the building.

The current owners of the Aramburu House descended from Don Juan Antonio Aramburu and Echezarreta, Basque industrialist who after amassing a fortune in Peru, married a Cadiz, he never left Cadiz.

His sons founded the Banca Aramburu whose offices are on the ground floor of the house. The Bank was active from 1868 until its sale to Banco de Bilbao in 1947.

Currently the owners, after numerous donations of works of art to different institutions and Cadiz to the enormous curiosity aroused by the house decide open to the public where guided tours are offered.

 Hidden Cadiz - Hotel Monte Puertatierra The Company roundtrip Animation returns to give life to the Palace House Arámburu with hidden Cadiz. Legends and mysteries of Cadiz . A theatrical tour that will serve to recreate the stories reflected in the book of José Manuel Serrano Cueto .

The visits will take place Friday in two passes, the first at 20:30 and the second at 22.30. The tour, with a limited capacity, will last an hour and is not recommended for children under 12 years.

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12 August 2015

Archaeological Ensemble of Italica. Seville

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Visit Italica in Seville is emotionally moving to a time and a story that has laid the foundations of our civilization. :

 Italica - Hotels Monte Sevilla in the current municipality of Santiponce to 7 km north of Sevilla , the Italic is one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the Roman legacy in ancient Hispania.

Italica was the first Roman city founded outside Italy and also the first in Spain. Its location clearly determined their choice. The Aljarafe on the west bank of the river Guadalquivir , Betis for the Romans, is an elevation which determines a natural bastion from where the entire valley can be seen at his feet. It also has a special seven mountains or hills, like Rome, they did not betray the subconscious, these Romans were not as crazy as I said Asterix.

After the Second Punic War , defeated the Carthaginians in the battle of ilipa , a detachment of legionaries settled in the Cerro San Antonio, where there was already a population turdetana from the fourth century BC The origin of these soldiers, italics auxiliary units, probably he gave the general Scipio guidance on their behalf, Italica.

Since born in 206 BC , probably the city charter was “ America Location “, until 45 BC Julio Cesar gave the legal status of civium Roman municipium . And it was during the time of Augusto when it began to mint coins and later with Tiberius , which shows the importance of this settlement to the Roman Empire.

The city reached its peak between the first and second centuries with the reigns of Trajan and Adriano , both born in Italica, reinforcing the undoubted much prestige he already had in Rome the Spanish colony. Both emperors were generous with their hometown, expanding and revitalizing its economy.

 Italica Archaeological - Hotels Monte - Sevilla During the reign of Hadrian, the city wanted the emperor to change his Roman municipal status by the Roman colony, heavier but more prestigious for they were simulacra Romae (“mirror of Rome”) and as an ideal part or extension of self Urbs . Following that award was renamed Colonia Aelia Augusta Italica , in honor of Adriano.

The current Italica Archaeological has two parts clearly recognizable, the Urbs Nova (new town) on the hill of Italica and Urbs Vetus ( old) city that is under the current town of Santiponce.

The Nova urbs find a very recognizable complex with huge mansions paved mosaics or large amphitheater, Empire room capacity.

In the Urbs Vetus very few major known Roman remains of it, which are the theater and so-called “small baths” or “Trajan”.

The Italica Archaeological shows visitors a splendid Roman amphitheater and gives the opportunity to walk along the path of what were your streets, known as houses, public buildings, objects of art and daily life utensils used by its inhabitants.

The amphitheater, partially restored, allowing the celebration of cultural events like the Italica International Dance Festival . And in the theater, and in the town of Santiponce itself, also functions are held during the summer.

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10 August 2015

Barbecues Carranza in Cadiz

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An original and spontaneous popular festival that occurs in Cádiz, coinciding with the end of the Trofeo Carranza football. :

 Trofeo Carranza - Hotel Monte Puertatierra A curious, original and spontaneous popular tradition that has been imposed Aña after year, coinciding with the celebration of “ Trofeo Carranza ” football.

With the inauguration in 1955 of Cadiz football stadium “Ramon de Carranza” was decided to hold a summer Trophy. With the participation of prestigious teams of both the Spanish and international league and prominent figures like Pele, the trophy has become a coveted prize in the windows of the greats of soccer.

In recent decades it has become customary that on Saturday, ending the Carranza Trophy, which held Cadiz with an evening festival, especially in the Playa de la Victoria, where families and friends Heat barbecue together going all night.

An extraordinary series of parallel fireworks and entertainment events enliven the evening.

The “ barbecues ” occupying some 200 linear meters of the Victoria Beach making room for 30,000 people and the La Caleta Beach where again this year allowed barbecues in night of August 15 .

A special device organized by the city of Cadiz in which the local police involved, for traffic control and eviction from the beach on Sunday, the Civil Guard to monitor the coast with boats and work in the eviction at the end of the party and the National and Regional Police is responsible for security during the night. Besides private security agents guarding the approaches to the beach to avoid unrest.

More than 200 people make up the staff to be responsible for cleaning up the beach leaving it in perfect condition for your enjoyment on the morning of Sunday.

a spontaneous initiative of the people of Cadiz that have a special facility to make any event a big party.

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8 August 2015

Malaga Fair 2015

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Málaga, capital of the Spanish tourism, with its friendly and welcoming cosmopolitan character offers these celebrations to residents and visitors. :

 Fair poster Malaga 2015 - Hotel Monte Málaga Beginning on the evening of Friday, August 14 2015 , with the traditional cry and the fireworks begin eight-day festival, until August 22 , both in the center City and Real de la Feria. This week, on Wednesday August 19 is a local holiday.

Popular Malaga parties established in 1491 by the City Council, coinciding with the liturgical celebrations of the Cathedral Chapter, in commemoration of the incorporation of Malaga to the Crown of Castile by the Catholic Monarchs who entered the City on 19 August 1487. It is by the year 1887 when, in commemoration of the fourth centenary of the entry of the Catholic Monarchs in Malaga, re-emerge in its full splendor.

One of the peculiarities of the Fair Malaga takes advantage of day is the historic center and the trade fair (Cortijo de Torres) to the noon and night. 2014 During the fair, more than 200 free shows for all ages, good climate, culture and tradition did a year of this festival the great celebration of Malaga.

The fair includes among its activities Bullfighting which heifers with promotional offer great days in a poster with the first bullfighters and the most renowned farms. The arena of The Malagueta program runs and heifers from the 11 al August 23, 2015 coinciding with the Fair Malaga.

 Plaza de Toros de Málaga - Hotel Monte Málaga The Malagueta is a Plaza de Toros of neomudejar style, inaugurated in 1876, so hexadecagonal with seating for 9,000 spectators. When programming fair, “ Run Picassiana “, being also highly appreciated their posters Easter, the “ Run Press “held in June and run to coincide with the feast of the Malaga Patrona , the Virgen de la Victoria, in the month of September.

The official poster of the Malaga Fair 2015 has been selected among 148 originals in the competition organized each year by the city of Malaga for this purpose. The winner of this edition has been the Malaga Carlos Capella with the work entitled “Drone, 15″. A classic reason, tried a simple, powerful way with a different view. The author has represented a couple dressed horse rise from an overhead perspective. Predominantly red “because I think that abroad is the color that best identifies Spain and giving the power to sign”. It is an illustration by computer vector and the few that have been used spot colors.

Capella has studied at the School of Arts of San Telmo and is also formed in the School of Professional Drawing of Madrid. He has won several design awards first in the province of Malaga and the tourist logo of the Granada town of Motril.

are confident that this Malaga Fair 2015 will not miss the joy and peaceful coexistence. Málaga is the best host .

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5 August 2015

Richard Alexander Carbonell Exhibition in Huelva

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The painting and drawing tools to serve as a fluid and free expression. Anthology of the work of Cuban painter and engraver AR Carbonell. :

 Alexander Richard Carbonell - Hotel Monte Conquero The Room Siglo XXI Provincial Museum of Huelva , managed by the Provincial Government sets until August 23, 2015 the painter and engraver Cuban Alexander Richard Carbonell, an anthology of his graphic work and his latest production of large paintings.

dream visions ” is the title of this exhibition with 21 works, 5 paintings and 16 prints, in different styles, neo-expressionism, constructivism and pop art.

Alexander Richard Carbonell born in Havana (Cuba) in 1971 has an extensive resume of exhibitions in galleries, mainly American. Creditor Honorable Mention at the II Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean Engraving in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the First Prize in Engraving Meeting of the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design in Havana, Cuba, his work is among the SCALE collections Essex Collection of Art from Latin America, UK, Peter Ludwig Collection or Joseph Comaposada of Catalonia Foundation. Besides his work there in private collections in Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan.

In the words of Carbonell himself: “The symbolic aspect of my work is the result of the confluence between the old cultures ancient and modern, that rather than opposing forces, both complement each old and new traditions, beliefs and new needs, not only as visual objects and consumables, but also as spiritual support in which the human being, nature and the cosmos prevail “(translated from the web text http: // www. ).

The Exhibition Hall Siglo XXI , Museum of Huelva Alameda Sundheim, 13, Huelva, is 500 meters from Hotel Monte Conquero , about 5 minutes walk.

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3 August 2015

Paella Friday at the Hotel Monte Málaga

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 Paella_hotel-Monte-Malaga The Friday August 2015 our Chef Salvador Lopez develop a variety of rices (paella, black rice with seafood and garlic mayonnaise).

Enjoy with us in Hotel Monte Málaga the best rice dishes of our chef.
Reservations with 30 minutes notice.
If I wanted to try one of these rices other day of the week, you can order at reception the day before the service.

Poster Day Paellas

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