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27 November 2014

The Musical Les Miserables returns to FIBES

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From 5 to 14 December will be playing the play “Les Miserables” at the Auditorium Exhibition and Conference in Seville (Fibes), a musical produced and directed by Stage Entertainment, responsible for hits like “The Lion King” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cabaret” and “Mamma Mia!”, visit the main scenic areas of our country.

“Les Miserables” was a milestone in the history of the genre and has a staging that gives more poetic depth to the story and its development through the use of paintings by Victor Hugo himself projected during the show.

The numbers in this show astounding: more than 65 million viewers and translated into 22 languages, having been represented in 43 countries. The work of Victor Hugo and close deals still valid for the current public issues, especially the fight for freedom, courage or the people’s revolution are some of the central themes of the play.

You can make your reservations at our Monte Triana Hotel Monte Carmelo or if you come to Seville to attend this unique show. Through the following links, you can benefit from our Web rate:

Hotel Monte Carmelo in SEVILLA

Hotel Monte Triana in SEVILLA

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26 November 2014

Entredós, circus and theater in the Gran Colón de Huelva

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After the intense activity of the scenarios caused by the Film Festival, Huelva gets its cultural program with a new proposal from the company Capicúa presenting his show Entredós, on 29 November at the Gran Teatro Colón.

ENTREDOS” is a show that fuses physical theater, circus, dance and object manipulation in order to tell the story of a character who wakes up in a fantasy world. For all ages.

Company Aragon CAPICUA has been awarded in various competitions and this show in particular was awarded in 2013 Audience Award for Best Theatre Show at the International Fair of Theatre and Dance of Huesca.

Formed in 2006, the company combines aerial acrobatics (trapeze, fabric and rope) with scenic resources and dose of humor. Staffed by Rebecca Gutierrez, Yolanda Gutierrez and Iris Mur, formed in aerial techniques Circus School Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona starting between the years 1998-2000, receiving further training each of them in different places, besides working in different companies both Aragon and Catalonia. Oscar Valsecchi and Sira Bover are members of the company and work with Yolanda and Rebecca Gutierrez with the show.

Hotel Monte Conquero in HUELVA

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25 November 2014

SPANISH MUSIC FESTIVAL XII Leonor Bonilla and Francisco Soriano

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Within programming XII SPANISH MUSIC FESTIVAL being held in Cadiz, the recital by soprano with pianist Leonor Bonilla Francisco Soriano is inscribed.

With a highly romantic program in the most popular belcantismo, will perform works by Delibes, Rossini, Barbieri, Verdi or Albeniz, among others.

When the eyes of many European artists becomes fascinated towards Spain, in the early nineteenth century as the bolero rhythms and Spanish habanera and what is fashionable in Paris and vice versa where the Spanish composers inspired by the great currents are introduced European music.

A time of creative synergy, a Europe enriched by an emerging Spain.

The Seville soprano Leonor Bonilla, first prize in the Competition New Voices Ciudad de Sevilla, despite his youth, he has participated in various productions among which Doña Francisquita in the Maestranza in Seville in a production of Teatro de la Zarzuela, Bohemians with Compañía Sevillana de Zarzuela in the theater of the Foundation Cajasol Sevilla, Marina (the title role), the Shepherd of Tosca at the Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, with stage direction by Giancarlo del Monaco, Jack of Rigoletto in Maestranza and Servilia in La clemenza di Tito, back at the Calderon.

He also Sevillian Francisco Soriano, Diploma of Advanced Higher Art Studies by F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw. Make an extensive artistic activity, both in Spain and abroad, mainly Poland and the UK with recitals, as soloist with orchestra and in various chamber groups.

Address: Conservatory of Music “Manuel de Falla” Date: 11/27/2014

Hotel Monte Puertatierra in CADIZ

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24 November 2014

Route Columbian Places

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Declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1967, the Route of the Columbian Places, consists of those onubenses localities were particularly significant in the events that led to the first voyage of Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America. Moguer and Palos de la Frontera, together with the Monastery of La Rabida, make Columbian Places, a must for anyone interested in one of the most important moments in history that marked the province of Huelva and the world forever.

The route starts at the Monastery of La Rabida at Palos de la Frontera, Franciscan Monastery from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, it highlights its Gothic-Mudejar church, the cloister and the frescoes of Daniel Vázquez Díaz, and the museum dedicated the discoverer feat. Declared a National Monument in 1856, Christopher Columbus found him shelter, care and support by the monks.

In the spring of the Caravels, find replicas of the three ships built in 1992. In addition to the replica ships the Dock Museum Caravels has an interpretation center, the medieval quarter and the Isle of Meeting, which has tried to recreate the indigenous culture of the island of Guanahani, first island Christopher Columbus who landed the October 12, 1492, and he named San Salvador.

Church of St. George declared a National Monument in 1931, this Gothic-Mudejar temple stands next to the remains of the castle. Your core should be built by the Counts of Miranda in the mid fifteenth century, probably on an older building (XIV century). This core consists of a body three ships Moorish arches with drip cap, its distinct Gothic sanctuary, where stands the beauty of the vault. Its bell, faceted pyramid, is artwork since the late eighteenth century, as part of the choir and the dome of one of the chapels were constructed as to repair the damages caused by the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.

The house museum of Martin Alonso Pinzon is on Columbus Street and in which you can admire objects, tools and other things related to navigation and with this major character in the epic Discovery.

La Fontanilla place where ships were supplied before leaving the port of Palos, and there also did Columbus before his first trip. It was a public fountain and at his feet was a landing that was entered from the Gate of the Grooms of the Church of St. George. It is built on an ancient Roman and curbstone protected by a brick temple thirteenth century Mudejar style, with quadrangular and hemispherical dome.

Already Moguer, we find the Monastery of St. Clare qualified as a National Monument since 1931, this Gothic-Mudejar Monastery XIV-XVI centuries is located at the Plaza of the Nuns and it highlights his church, the altar, the tomb of Portocarrero, the Moorish masonry and the Cloister of Mothers. It also hosts the Provincial Museum of Sacred Art.

In the Convent of San Francisco are the Municipal Historical Archives and Library Iberoamericana. Renaissance and Baroque building of the XV-XVIII centuries. Stresses on the whole its Mannerist cloister.

And in the Old moguereño dock, shipyard, where the caravel Nina enclave built.

In Huelva city located on the outskirts of town, in the area called “The Conquero” the Shrine of Our Lady of La Cinta dedicated to the Virgen de la Cinta, patron of the city, the Gothic-Mudejar building of the fifteenth century, that Columbus prayed after his first trip to thank her success. Also known as Hermitage Tape or Shrine of the tape, was built in the fifteenth century in Gothic style and was later greatly transformed. It consists of three ships built of brick, retaining its central horseshoe arch features of their Moorish ancestry.

An itinerary of obvious interest that we recommend from our Hotel Monte Conquero.

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23 November 2014

Manuel León set out in CAC Malaga

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From November 28, 2014 to February 8, 2015 is presented in the CAC Málaga’s first solo exhibition of the artist Manuel León Seville in a museum. A world without light is the name of the exhibition curated by Fernando French and consists of 42 canvases in which addresses current issues from a critical and ironic at the same time view.

Manuel Moreno Leon was born 1977 in Villanueva del Ariscal and is a painter and a member of the Collective Interventions Thursday, performing artistic interventions in the Market Street Fair in Seville.

Combines his painting work on other projects like Capital Territory and UNIAarteypensamiento or advice of visual and theoretical rock band Pony Bravo.

With baroque influences, Manuel Leon paintings representing penitents with entrenched into popular culture, especially in the Easter masked. These figures allow the artist to conceal the feelings that are felt today in society, such as the crisis of values, as well as economic. The artist wants to draw attention to the hopes and fears of each individual has to face in the present era. Manuel Leon lives and works in Seville.

Hotel Monte Málaga en MÁLAGA

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22 November 2014

Our promotion SENIORS, with advantages for elderly

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gen_127_ENHOTEL MONTE SENIORS continues to offer the promotion, which rewards the loyalty of our clients over 65 years.

Users wanting to book rooms at our hotels Sunday to Thursday under this promotion “Seniors” may do so at the price of € 65 per room per night on bed and buffet breakfast, VAT included, hotels Monte Triana (Sevilla) , Monte Conquero (Huelva) and Monte Carmelo (Sevilla) under identical conditions but at 75 € in hotels Monte Málaga (Málaga) and Monte Puertatierra (Cádiz).

Reservation at Hotel Monte Málaga (Málaga)

Reservation at Hotel Monte Puertatierra (Cádiz)

Reservation at Hotel Monte Conquero (Huelva)

Reservation at Hotel Monte Triana (Sevilla)

Reservation at Hotel Monte Carmelo (Sevilla)

Sunday to Thursday. Prices are per room and day. Room and breakfast included. Only valid for 2 adults both over 65 years. Subject to availability. Cannot be accumulated with other offers or promotions of the hotel chain. Promotion only valid via the web page of Hoteles Monte. VAT included. Valid until 31/12/2014.

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21 November 2014

Don Giovanni at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville

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The Malaga Carlos Alvarez headlining this performance of Don Giovanni which will take place at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville from Friday 21 of this title that Mozart may also enjoy Monday 24, Wednesday 26 and Saturday 29.

The Teatro de la Maestranza regains his 2008 production of Don Giovanni with scenic design by Mario Gas and scenery and costumes by Ezio Frigerio and Franca Squarciapino.

In the pit, the staff of the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville (ROSS) has been reduced to 50 teachers for everything more intimate. A musical direction Emelyanychev Maxim, one of the rising stars of conducting in Russia and is passionate about Baroque and Renaissance music to debut at last here 26 years, and a distinctly Spanish voice cast except the Commander who plays Pavel Daniluk, tenor José Luis Sola (Octavio), baritone David Menendez’s servant Leporello, soprano Rocio Ignacio as the peasant Zerlina and bass David Lagares in the role of her lover Masetto.

26 extras and 28 choristers led by Iñigo Sampil also participate in this show that opens some dramatic changes.

On all these elements the voice of Carlos Alvarez Malaga one of the most distinctive roles in his repertoire stands. The Teatro de la Maestranza, equidistant on a nice walk from our Hotel Monte Carmelo and Monte Triana, starts with the production of opera programming during 2014-2015, and returning in February with “Norma” by Bellini.

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20 November 2014

XXIV International Horse Show

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From 2 to 7 December is celebrated in Seville the XXIV International Horse Show (Sicab) trade fair dedicated to the Purebred Spanish Horse held at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses in Seville since 1991.

In this edition, will feature specimens from herds in the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, France, UK, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland, as well as US and Mexican farmers will have its own stand at the salon. For this, Sicab has a budget of over one million euros.

As in previous years, all ANCCE promoting sports competitions such as dressage, Dressage, High School, Eventing Driving Events and exhibitions will also be held. He hopes to exceed the 2013 forecast, in which a total of 203,185 visits were recorded for what will be supported in the campaign Sevilla, pure Spanish race, launched by the Tourist Board of the City of Sevilla in several cities of Spain.

Also be awarded for the first time Purebred Spanish PRE Awards, which will be dedicated to famous people and brand ambassadors of Spain from the world of sports, financial, social, bullfighting, and more. The late Emilio Botin, chairman of Banco Santander, will be awarded posthumously.

It is the third event in the city socioeconomic, after the world famous Holy Week and April Fair, with more than 240,000 visitors and 1,000 horses PRE SICAB is the most important trade fair for the horse world.

Hotel Monte Carmelo in SEVILLE

Hotel Monte Triana in SEVILLE

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19 November 2014

Malaga Valley Network Meeting & Investors

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Malaga City Council and the School of Industrial Organization within the framework of the actions executed in the Operational Programme of Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) meets on Friday November 21 the first edition of Malaga Valley Network & Investors Meeting.

The event organized by the company Ideanto be held at the Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga, will consist of three parts: demo day, where the participating companies will exhibit their projects and ideas to the public; Investors Day, the space in which the selected companies will contact investors and Malaga Valley Network Meeting.

It is a unique event that brings together the best of networking event with investors. This initiative aims to give the province of Málaga a benchmark in which quotes are given the best projects in the area with relevant investors for national, regional and local levels.

Hotel Monte Málaga in MALAGA

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18 November 2014

Barranco Lonja in Seville

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A few minutes walk from our Monte Carmelo and Monte Triana Hotel opens on 25 November, a new gastronomic Seville, The “Lonja del Barranco.”

This new gourmet market located using the building designed by French engineer Gustave Eiffel, the author of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Built in 1883 as a fish market has alternated periods of inactivity with other activities such as tourist information center and exhibition hall.

The building is a rectangular building based on a set of four naves covered with a barrel vault base galvanized iron plates with large windows, this creates an open space and a porch around the front and rear of the set.

A total of twenty food stands and a terrace on the banks of the Guadalquivir are included in the project, in which cultural activities, conferences, events, presentations and exhibitions will be held. At twenty food stands, selected from over 150 proposals, tasting carts join mode mobile stations with special decorations that offer products that will rotate.

The architectural Arquemo Architects has carried out the project management, while construction has been carried out by Ayesa. El Corte Ingles has executed the decoration and furnishing of the posts, while Living Pink has occupied the interior of the market, an initiative that developed entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors.

It is estimated that this project, in which they have invested 4 million euros, about 130 direct jobs and between 7 and 12 million per year will be generated. As construction has generated more than 80 jobs. It is estimated that the market will receive between 600,000 and 900,000 visitors a year, almost as many as the Cathedral of Seville.

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