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28 July 2015

XIV Tapas Route Cadiz

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New edition this year pays tribute to the “ingenious Don Quixote” work that is inspiring new culinary creations. :

 rutadelatapa_cadiz the July 22 to September 6, 2015 , 27 establishments Cadiz involved in XIV edition of the Ruta del Tapeo de Cadiz .

The most translated book after the Bible, The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of our immortal Miguel de Cervantes , is a tribute to the XIV edition he wants to dedicate the ingenuity, creativity and inspiration of this important gastronomic event.

This time participants have received a list of recipes that Cervantes mentioned in his works, serving as a guideline for the development of innovative and original tapas.

, you can sample the culinary offerings in bars and restaurants divided according to geographical areas price of 2.90 euros, cover and drink . A popular and professional one anonymous jury will assess the best establishment of the route. Awards to the first 200 customers who submit a passport visited eight restaurants and a distinction to Gold Tapeador the most stubborn.

Some news about previous editions are released this year. “It seems but it is not” a new category where the culinary trompe l’oeil is the protagonist, dishes that appear to shape and color with unusual ingredients. “Top Quijote” recipes inspired by the work of Cervantes and “Tapacai” award for best cover the route.

The day of the “tapeador” is another novelty of this year from August 12 to September 3, 12 to 16 hours, the cap and drink at participating establishments will offer 2 euros.

The gastronomy in Cadiz has one of its important pillars of tourism. This XIV EDITION tapas tour continues in its support and promotion of the best places for tapas in Cadiz.

In the reception of our Hotel Monte Puertatierra will inform you of the most recommended to enjoy this cultural and gastronomic event facilities.

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26 July 2015

Exhibition “Ramses, king of kings” in the Navigation Pavilion in Seville

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 Ramses - Hotel Monte Triana in the Isla de la Cartuja de Sevilla the Navigation Pavilion welcomes the Egyptian exhibit “ Ramses king of kings ” and organized by Hany Mostafa Amr Gaber.

For the first time in Europe, after eleven months of work, the artist Hany Mostafa brings the replica of the facade of the Temple of Nefertari, with a height of 6 meters and a width of 14, the temple was built by order of Ramses II more than 3,000 years ago in honor of his wife.

replica of the facade and three interior rooms, the temple of Abu Simbel were also exposed, with a height of 6 meters, a width of 13 and a depth of 24. Working the artist Hany Mostafa it took five years to run.

In addition 60 pieces of Egyptian art from different theme as idols, jewelry, furniture and utensils. Among all these pieces stands the replica of the third and final solid gold sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, which was buried, also the work of Hany Mostafa.

The visit to the temple of Abu Simbel and Nefertari facade will be guided, being free the rest of the way.

The exhibition runs in Seville until May 2016 and can be visited in summer time (until the day September 5, 2015):

  • From Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and from 18.00 to 23.00 hours.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10.00 to 23.00 hours of continuous mode

Located on the banks of Guadalquivir Navigation Pavilion, designed by Sevillian architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, was built for the Universal Exposition in Seville in 1992 .

The Navigation Pavilion which is located only 15 minutes walk from our Monte Triana Hotel was one of the most visited pavilions at Expo ’92 in Seville. Its content was dedicated to the discoveries, advances in naval technical and scientific expeditions.

An interesting exhibition that brings us to the mysterious Egyptian art and civilization.

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25 July 2015

Municipal Band of Málaga

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The Municipal Band of Málaga, one of the oldest in Spain, promoter of the musical culture of Malaga. :

 BandaMunicipaldeMalaga The Monday, July 27, 2015 the Municipal Band of Malaga gives the last concert of the season.

the Teatro Cervantes , at 21:00 closes its season with a program of American dyes. In the series of concerts “ Terral ” has been offering this course, has prepared a difficult but very attractive repertoire. A selection of Porgy and Bess, opera with music by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin (George’s older brother). They will continue with a suite of issues Gershwin and one of his best known works adapted for piano and band, the Rhapsody in Blue , played by Daniel Liguori the piano. A work of implementing difficult but certainly an undeniable magic and attractive, originally written for piano and jazz band and entitled “An Experiment in Modern Music” one of the most popular classic American music pages.

The Municipal Band of Málaga, founded in 1859 is one of the oldest in Spain. Closely linked to the Teatro Cervantes since 1862 and the Philharmonic Society of Malaga in 1869, has been one of the major drivers of the musical culture of Malaga.

Its 40 members have been directed since its creation by prestigious teachers, from its promoter Francisco Hernandez, the post of director have occupied Francisco Soler, Isidro Belmonte, Antonio Palanca, Perfecto Artola, Salvador Garcia Sanchez Antonio Sanchez Perez or their current leader Francisco Vallejo Amaro .

Among his collaborations include the concert under the direction of Odón Alonso dedicated in 1994 to master Barbieri or Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture Enrique García Asensio who led in 1999. The recordings have also had their presence in history Band, with pages dedicated to zarzuela, opera or processional marches.

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24 July 2015

Columbian Huelva Fiestas 2015

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Six days for peaceful coexistence, leisure, fun and joy. The big week of Huelva. :

 cartel_colombinas2 The lighting of the cover serve to open next July 29, 2015 the largest party Huelva .

From the July 29 to August 3 , the historical commemoration of the departure of the caravels of Columbus on his voyage to the Indies, mark This week’s joy which has been held since 1882 and declared Celebrations of Tourist Interest in Andalusia.

The Columbian Complex is located in a land close to the river, peripheral to the city center, in an area equipped with all services needed for an event of this dimension area.

The inauguration of the Home becomes the fairgrounds in a small town full of light, color and music, and more than 75 huts and associative clubs open their doors to all those who come to dance , eat, drink and enjoy.

During the holidays there are plenty of scheduled musical performances and bullfights and horseback, in a traditional Bullfighting Columbian . Moreover, the Proclamation of the International Sailing Week Colombina and an extensive list of sports such as golf Trofeo Colombino, Colombino Trophy Cup and competitions bocce, archery, squash, swimming, sailing, fishing or canoeing.

The animation is also guaranteed in the Columbian nights, starting on Wednesday with 29 “Ballroom Dance Night” on Thursday will be “Carnival Night” on Friday “Night of El Rocio” on Saturday the “Night of Columbus” and Sunday, “Night of Grandma and Grandpa.”

Six days for peaceful coexistence, leisure, fun and joy.

Huelva Columbian is a big party and is very close.

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23 July 2015

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Exhibitions, concerts and other activities take place in the Baluarte de la Candelaria in Cadiz, a fortification for military use now serving cultural and entertainment functions. A single space.

 baluartecandelaria Within programming 8th edition of JazzCadiz Festival , the Candelaria Bastion Cadiz will host, on 24, 25 and 26 July 2015 of an interesting proposal:

Friday, July 24 – Super Sax – Sax Ensemble Clasijazz.
S ATURDAY July 25 – Elizabeth Raspall Quintet – Chris Cheek.
Sunday, July 26 – Paul Caminero Quintet – OFNI

In addition to a Intensive Lindy Hop and Tap Dance which will be held on 24 and 25 thanks to two great teachers and dancers, Violeta Amarillis Jazz Association of Málaga and CAMM and Leo Moreno End of Swing Dance.

The Baluarte de la Candelaria is a fortification constructed in 1672 with the intention to defend the city in their access to the port channel. A powerful wall that serves as a breakwater protects you in the advanced position of the constant attacks of the sea. A wall in the form of slope on a platform as a surf in an irregular plant that harnesses the lay of the land to set up a defensive front. Open on the side facing the town has several units that have served throughout history as barracks, arsenal of engineers and even the fancier military service.

currently it used as a cultural center, with the room called “ Tia Norica ” enabled exhibitions as well as a large patio with palm trees where held concerts, theater and carnival.

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22 July 2015

Portugal Edition II Gardens in Seville

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The beautiful gardens of the Pavilion of Portugal are the setting for a cultural program that seeks the fusion of Spanish and Portuguese cultures. Music and theater in the Gardens of Portugal. :

 the flag-portugal The spectacular building, home of Consulate of Portugal in Seville It is the stage which is developing the second edition of the program called “ Jardines de Portugal “.

From 2 to July 31, 2015 brings together music and theater with a strong Lusitanian accent in the beautiful gardens of this impressive palace.

The Portugal Pavilion , located on Avenida del Cid of Seville, next to Maria Luisa Park , it is an aesthetic neo-baroque building with a striking, crowned with a large covered curved profile similar to the Royal Palace of Sintra (Portugal). They built for the Universal Exposition in Seville in 1929, involved in its construction leading Portuguese architects and artists, among them potters, smiths, sculptors and painters who gave a distinctly Portuguese character.


The gardens have been put on cultural value for holding an eclectic program has a place where fado, flamenco, classical theater or jazz. An offer that energizes a beautiful space in an environment practically integrated in the Maria Luisa Park itself, one of the greatest tourist attractions of Seville.

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21 July 2015

Automobile Museum of Málaga

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An original and different visit to admire industrial design and fashion, exclusive cars and contemporary art. :

 Automotive Museum Málaga - Hotel Monte Málaga Sharing space in the old tobacco factory “ La Tabacalera “in St. Petersburg Russian Museum in Malaga the Automobile Museum of Malaga occupies a space of 6000 square meters. Opened in 2010, the luxury and sophistication come together in his thirteen themed rooms that illustrate the technical and aesthetic evolution of the automobile over nearly three centuries.

Under the concept “ automobile as art ” a space of design and fashion, fun and learning, which hosts a collection articulates only cars, hats, engines and contemporary art.

A hundred vehicles, beautifully restored, representative of the evolution of society in recent centuries. From a Winner a prototype 1898 to 2011 compressed air, through Cadillac, Rolls Royce, Bugatti or Ferrari and some very curious, as the car-plane, or the prototype solar hydrogen.

In addition, the Automobile Museum of Malaga houses an unprecedented collection of engines, in the “ Gallery Engines “we will find machines of the 20, 30 and 50 also carefully recovered.

complements this environment of luxury and sophistication a superb collection of vintage dresses and hats and milliners original of the years 20-50, entitled “ From Balenciaga to Schiaparelli “.

Just about 2 km, about 20 minutes walk from Hotel Monte Málaga , do not miss the opportunity to visit this curious museum. An original and different visit to admire industrial design and fashion, exclusive cars and contemporary art.

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19 July 2015

Prepare your best plan. Our offer for SENIORS.

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Whether you can afford. Prepares and your best plan and escape. :

 Offer Seniors - Hotels Monte

An opportunity for that getaway you deserve, because you can now.

Query conditions and availability and get organized your best plan.


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18 July 2015

Enjoy! With our offer FOR YOUTH

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 Offer young - Hotels Monte

Our best conditions for YOUNG between 16 and 30 years.

Take advantage of our offer and remember, our Breakfast buffet also at a special price, € 7 per person .

Reservation here Monte Conquero Hotel (Huelva)

Reservation here Hotel Monte Carmelo (Sevilla)

Enjoy now our best deals. Do not let them go !.

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17 July 2015

Sea gastronomy Huelva

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Huelva has so much to see and enjoy. Where the role is a premium product, gastronomy is necessarily good. Huelva has variety and quality. :

 Playa Hotel Isla Cristina-Monte Conquero Province Huelva enjoys a prime location combining sea and mountain, protected areas, meadows and mountains.

The best cuisine is always based on the best products and that Huelva has advantages. To organize parts Huelva enjoy the sea, the mountains and the wines special mention.

Let’s talk today of Sea Huelva .


border with Portugal, resident of Badajoz, Seville and Cadiz, Huelva coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean approaching from the west before entering strait that joins Mediterranean .

The province of Huelva has an important landscape heritage highlighting the shady forests and meadows of the Sierra, the huge beaches at the foot of pine and juniper landscapes and whimsical carved mining operations for centuries in coalfield.

And in the center, the countryside populated by agricultural tradition with a softened by the proximity of the sea and the vegetation around her climate, close to Donana National Park where the Guadalquivir flows creating the natural border with Seville and Cadiz.

Huelva and sea.

 'Playas de Huelva

‘ Playas de Huelva” Juan Pedro Ruiz Castilian

The strip the Huelva coast bounded by the Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers determine a clearly fishing vocation of their populations. Products such as cuttlefish, croaker, mackerel, tuna, turbot, shrimp, white shrimp or coquina have a major consumer Huelva. And of these species to taste the best dishes in the Playas de Huelva or the capital.

Let’s start with choco which deserves a top spot in the table, not only for the quality or diversity of preparations that allows, but because it determines economic activity in some of the coastal fish markets and thus much of the culture and traditions, thus giving rise to the nickname “choquero” with which to Huelva is known. Choco is the name that is known to sepia, and with it many dishes are prepared, such as beans with chocolate or fried, grilled, roasted or stewed, the chocolate is always a good choice.

Important it is also the tuna roe , where the main Andalusian Isla Cristina producer, appreciated although little known.

The white shrimp of Huelva, reaching the highest price in all markets, flagship product itself, requires little preparation, undercooked or the plate is a delicacy as there are few. So much quality and reputation that has earned the National Fair Gamba, the Chirla and Boqueron Punta Umbria which is usually held in April each year .

Another product with special mention in its Huelva provenance is the coquina , very fine bivalve open steamed or very little processing offers a indescribable flavor sea. The abundance of coquina on the beaches of Huelva has forced the authorities to restrict your professional guilds trying to capture the popular habit of spending the day at the beach picking cockles esquilmara the species.

Huelva is the coast of choice for fishing corvina a white fish like sea bass, with very little fat and techniques that are simple, such as steam, iron, oven and good olive oil.

also mention the line a peculiar paprika preparation of this unusual character of our dishes and well worth the company of a good wine.

Serve these lines as an approximation to the simple cuisine of a province that enjoys the best product.

Huelva has so much to see and taste. appetit !.

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