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31 March 2015

“The Diary of Adam and Eve” at the Teatro Falla de Cádiz

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Hotel Monte Puertatierra Cadiz is pleased to share the premiere of Mark Twain’s “The Diary of Adam and Eve” with the presence of prestigious actors Ana Milan and Fernando Guillén Cuervo.

 Print With the participation of prestigious actors Ana Milan and Fernando Guillén Cuervo and directed Miguel Angel Sola presented on Saturday 11 April 2015 the Gran Teatro Falla de Cádiz the original work of Mark Twain The Diary of Adam and Eve version of Blanca Oteyza, Miguel Angel Sola and Manuel González.

The Diary of Adam and Eve is a proposal that appeals to the emotions, those desperately waving in times of distress and vibrating cheerful in the moments of happiness or when we remember those days when we were happy with the people we love.

Ana Milan and Fernando Guillén Cuervo is placed on the skin of a couple of successful radio hosts late 50s who, leaving behind their golden years, they meet again remembering the last story relayed from night dial: a staging where attached to the melancholy humor prevails.

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30 March 2015

Days of Summer Exhibition at the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga

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The Hotel Monte Málaga recommended exposure offered by the Carmen Thyssen Museum in this new look at the sea.

 dias_verano What better look at the sea that we see from some of the rooms of Hotel Monte Malaga , but not the only one.

From March 28 to September 6, 2015 the Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga presents “ Summer days. Sorolla to Hopper “ which takes its title from the novel by Vicente Palmaroli of the Museum, and propose, through a selection of Spanish and international painting, a tour of the way since the mid-nineteenth century, the beaches and the sea were becoming subject for painters.
is in that moment when the bourgeoisie began to introduce between their customs to carry out a summer holiday stay by the sea, beaches and spas, combining her health, leisure and social life. Several French regions such as Normandy, were the pioneers of this phenomenon, which will extend throughout Europe and will be the origin of summer tourism to reach its peak in the next century.

The artists, in their eager search for topics outdoor part of the same tastes. Thus, rides, playgrounds and family reunions in the sand, sunbathing and sea, naked in a playful context, outside the academia, portraits where the background becomes the newly discovered coastal environment, as well as landscapes in which these issues will become run recurring theme for painters of the second half of the nineteenth, reaching its interest XX century avant-garde art, in step with the new social transformations and customs.

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29 March 2015

Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins

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Hotels Monte facilitate him from the reception of our stores all the information necessary to learn about the most important events of Holy Week Andalusia.

 Borriquita continues Today is Palm Sunday and start Easter .

If you are in any of our hotels, may request the receipt thereof to provide all the information necessary to contemplate the processions of the brotherhoods of each of the capitals.

Furthermore, they can provide for free, the RECOMMENDATIONS OF HOTELS MONTE for Easter if you are in any of our hotels in Cádiz Huelva Málaga or Sevilla , depending on where you are.

All staff HOTELS MONTE wishes you a Happy Easter and we remind you that we are available for any questions you want to ask us.

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28 March 2015

Exhibition “Antonio de Ulloa. The library of an illustrated “in the Archivo de Indias in Seville

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A short walk from the Hotel Monte Carmelo, the Archivo General de Indias in Seville presents this interesting exhibition on one of fulsome praise scientists from the Spanish Golden Age, Admiral Antonio de Ulloa.

 Antonio_de_Ulloa The General Archive of the Indies and University of Seville present the exhibition “ Antonio de Ulloa. The library of an illustrated “, which commemorates the life and work of the discoverer of platinum and mate Jorge Juan in the scientific expedition to measure the meridian in the eighteenth.

Antonio de Ulloa and the Tower-Giralt (Sevilla, January 12, 1716 – Isla de León, July 5, 1795) was a naturalist, military and Spanish writer . He was the founder of the Study and Cabinet of Natural History, predecessor of the Royal Cabinet of Natural History, Current Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, the Astronomical Observatory of Cadiz and the first metallurgy laboratory in the country, and member of the Royal Academy of Sciences Sweden, the Prussian Academy of Sciences known as Berlin Academy and correspondent of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris. He was also commander of Ocaña in the Order of Santiago.

Antonio de Ulloa was governor of Louisiana and star of one of the most intriguing scientific expeditions of his time, driven by the Academy of Sciences of Paris, where Jorge Juan and himself joined by order Philip V, to measure meridian with consequent progress for navigation and geography

The exhibition, in the Archivo de Indias, meets instruments scientific accuracy as pendulums, glasses and sextants well as a model of time the ship Santa Ana, on loan from a private collector, and about forty volumes of the Old Fund of the University of Seville, including numerous copies that belonged to the library Antonio de Ulloa and still look your ‘ex libris’ and annotations of his handwriting.

These books will be the relationship of the journey, in four volumes, made with Jorge Juan and wrote Ulloa himself and others that contextualize their research and scientific training, as one of Ptolemy and the “De revolutionibus “Copernicus.

The Archivo de Indias has selected eight papers funds for this exhibition curated by Professor of the University of Seville and expert in the era of sailing Pablo Emilio Pérez Mallaina.

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27 March 2015

Leo Harlem in the Gran Teatro de Huelva

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Huelva receives the humorist Leo Harlem with a new show. Laughter Remedy infallible.

 leo-harlem-biography Comedian Leo Harlem arrives on Saturday 28 March to Grand Theatre Huelva with the show ‘Trending tronching’ that It will involve the monologuista Mr. Corrales. A performance that is part of the program of the Department of Culture of the City of Huelva.

Leo Harlem, one of the most popular television faces among the general public for participation in programs like ‘The club joke’, ‘The Comedy Club’, ‘Time for Jose Mota’ or “I know what hicistéis”. Furthermore, it has recently been incorporated into the ‘zapping’ program and numerous television and radio programs have their participation.

Along with Leo will be Mr. Corrales , an actor who has established extensive experience as a humorist, stand-up comedian, presenter, writer, broadcaster … who has participated as an actor in the series of “Manolo and Benito Corporeision” “A cake with Life” or “Wonder Years”.

Based on a new script, l as interventions of these two comic television intended to make people think about what we were, what we are and what we we can become. They define this show “as a way of seeing and understanding life, the eternal struggle between classic and modern, the eternal and the passenger as a protagonist”.

In the new show by Leo Harlem you are getting a part of new music, new experiences told by this comic extraordinary stories all told with such ease, speed and sympathy, in which hard by one hand, can not stop laughing , and on the other, could hardly be counted with that freshness by another actor.

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26 March 2015

Learn Easter with Monte Hotels

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Palm Sunday begins Holy Week in Andalusia live with special intensity. Huelva, Seville, Cadiz and Malaga are precisely cities where it has greater prominence. Monte Hotel provides its guests all the information for greater enjoyment of this unique experience.

 week-santa-20152 Next Sunday will be Palm Sunday , one date specified in the calendars of all capitals, it begins one of the parties that all Andalucía live more intensely: the Easter .

Like every year, we offer a number of useful links for those who want to know the brotherhoods of each of the cities and are housed in our hotels in Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and Sevilla .

These links indicate will find all information relating to Easter: the brotherhoods, its history, its heritage, the output in procession with schedules and tours through the city streets; and the useful data necessary to enjoy this week of one of the longest established traditions in Andalusia.

At the reception we offer all our hotels these days of Holy Week, handbills schedules and itineraries of all fraternities and the RECOMMENDATIONS OF HOTELS MONTE : a selection of the best places to watch the processions in each of the cities.

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25 March 2015

Inauguration of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Málaga

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Málaga incorporates this week two great museums to its already extensive cultural presence. The Pompidou Center and the Russian Museum. New museums complete a comprehensive list of exhibition centers.

 El-bucket-seat-of-Centre Pompidou-Malaga On Saturday March 28 was officially inaugurated on Georges Pompidou Center of Malaga .

The 6,300 square meters of Cube Port Dock One will be allocated from 2015 to sixth major landmark of the city museum.

Thus, the city adds another great brand (its headquarters is among the ten most visited museums in the world), which binds to the Picasso or Thyssen and is emerging as an international reference and modern and contemporary art, failing that Customs finished crown the museum nineteenth and twentieth sequence without paragon in Spain for an average city. The uniqueness of the landing is because until now the Pompidou mark had not left France and unique space with its name outside Paris was to Metz.

The Cube, the building that houses the Pompidou Centre, and offers a colorful image after the intervention as a glass structure by French artist Daniel Buren, whose proposal will remain for three years in the city.

With the presence of the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and French Culture Minister, Fleur Pellerin. The Pompidou Málaga born five years without being closed his future residence. Headquartered in the port, to which 400,000 people arrive on cruise ships each year, room is in just six months to host the 93 works by artists of the twentieth and twenty first centuries integrated permanent collection, to which are added three temporary.

The artistic proposals offered by the Pompidou will focus on the human figure and not only have paintings and sculptures but other proposals such as the composition of Kader Attic made this week in collaboration with students of Fine Arts, or Rineke Dijkstra video on a Picasso painting. The Malaga artist hangs three of his works in this exhibition, which also contained a “Self Portrait” by Francis Bacon; “The environment” of Frida Kahlo; “The violation” of René Magritte, as well as spare Ernst, Miró, Tàpies, Giacometti and Brancusi.

Next to Centre Pompidou and Russian Museum St. Petersburg which opens March 25, new museums complete a comprehensive list of exhibition centers, whose exponents are the Museo Picasso Málaga , one of six in Spain dedicated exclusively to Malaga genius and the most visited of Andalusia; the Carmen Thyssen Museum , with a wide selection of Spanish painting of the nineteenth century owned by the Baroness; the Contemporary Art Center (CAC), become the benchmark for avant-garde artists, and Fundación Picasso Birthplace Museum artist, which houses 4,000 works.

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24 March 2015

Music Passion in Huelva

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Huelva we anticipate Easter with the performance of his magnificent Municipal Band.

 musicapasionhuelva This Thursday March 26th a preview of the “Easter” in Andalusia in the Auditorium Columbus House Huelva .

A charge of Municipal Symphonic Band of Huelva directed by Andrés de la Poza Francisco Curiel, appropriate music to Easter with a rich repertoire reminiscent of a very special dates.

The BSMH is an artistic corporation has fulfilled a century since its founding (1908-2008) and strives to channel and raise the cultural level of the city, within the broader criteria trends and musical styles.

The specific program for this concert includes works so well known in the cofrade scene as “The Christ of Forgiveness” by J. Gomez or “Solea dame la mano” from M.Font.

A unique approach to the peculiar sound of Passion week.

Venue: Casa Colón at 20: 00h. The March 26.

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23 March 2015

Exhibition “Stone and Sea” in Cádiz

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Head’s work Eloy Martinez, exhibited at the Exhibition Hall of the Populo. The light and the sea, two emblems of Cadiz.

 de_piedra_y_mar Until 24.03.2015 in SHOWROOM ” THE PÓPULO “of Cadiz, shows the painter Eloy Head Mártinez, Stone and Sea that through 30 works aims to introduce the viewer into two deeply interrelated issues. On the one hand, the periphery of the city and its boundaries as protagonists. Furthermore, the effect of light and the sea on the details as thread.

The core of the exhibition is composed of two triptychs, where the horizon gives unity to the composition, two sunsets converted stone altarpieces and sea.

The set of pictures is an excellent testimony of the most ambitious artistic projects in which the painter shows his skill in representing architectural exterior and skill in working directly with the brush oil on the table , with an overlay of very dilute layers of paint and varnish finishing touch to highlight the effects of light.

SHOWROOM “The PÓPULO” Pl. San Martín, s / n – Cádiz

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22 March 2015

Offer minimum stay in hotels Monte

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only for bookings made 21 days in advance and a minimum of three days, Hotels Monte offers a significant discount. Enjoy more Save, leave the accounts.

HOTELS MONTE offers discounts to book with us a “Minimum stay” 3 nights at least 21 days in advance.

Valid for bookings made through the website of Hotels Monte.No conjunction with other offers or promotions. Query conditions .

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