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28 May 2015

International Chamber Music Festival of Málaga 2015

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Discover music heard Picasso is an immersion in his time, it is to understand the meaning of many of his strokes, is to place art in its creative environment. :

 International Chamber Music Festival of Málaga - Hotel Monte Málaga The son of Malaga and a citizen of Spain and France, Picasso is a constant reference in the culture of Malaga.

The International Chamber Music Festival of Malaga proposes the figure of the immortal painter as a thread of this year’s program 2015. What I heard Picasso? . It’s an interesting question whose answer brings us to the depths of the painter.

Music is part of life and particularly Picasso lived in Paris of the artists, in a turbulent era, surrounded by composers with whom he collaborated, poets, romantic and impressionistic, the golden age of Diaghilev and his Russian Ballets, the Can Can cabarets and Spanish musicians also in exile. In a bohemian atmosphere that both helped the flowering of art of the twentieth century.

From the May 29 until June 7, 2015 , Málaga Classical proposes on stage Theatre Cervantes and Teatro Echegaray , the discovery of the music of Picasso. His contemporaries, friends, the Spaniards in Paris at the time, the employees, the portraits.

A program that includes pages Granados, Albeniz, Turina, Honegger, Poulenc, Milhaud, Tailleferre, Durey, Auric, Copland, Hahn, L. Boulanger, Debussy, Thomson, Flanagan, Poulenc, Milhaud, Honegger , Milhaud, N. Boulanger, de Falla, Satie, Stravinsky, Ravel, Chausson, Lekeu, Franck, Prokofiev, Hahn, Honegger, Varese, Faure. A list of the most renowned in one of the most brilliant periods of music composers of the last century.

Discover music heard Picasso is an immersion in his time, is to understand the meaning of many of his strokes, is to place art in its creative environment. Picasso hear what I heard is to understand a little better the character and the artist.

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27 May 2015

Lolita Flores, actress, at the Gran Teatro de Huelva

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A hard monologue that highlights the quality of interpretation of Lolita Flores in the Gran Teatro de Huelva. :

 A play The play “The Pigeon” Rodoreda reflects the post-war Barcelona through the history of Natalia, ‘The Colmeneta’.

Directed by Joan Ollé and starring Lolita Flores , is a hard inner monologue, full of symbols and customs, a faithful chronicle of the environment the Catalan city, where the character will die and from their loved ones, go hungry and misery and will often unable to raise her children.
Lolita Flores , actress and singer, after 39 years of climbing for the first time on stage takes on the challenge of a visual and poetic monologue, which promises to thrill “with another air “.

“The Pigeon” is shown in the Gran Teatro de Huelva next May 29, 2015 .

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26 May 2015

Italica International Dance Festival 2015

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biannually the Itálica International Dance Festival takes advantage of the magnificent scenery of the Roman theater in Santiponce and the monastery of San Isidoro del Campo for this festival of unquestionable quality and interest. :

 Italica International Dance Festival - Monte Carmelo Hotel and Monte Triana Hotel The small town of Seville Santiponce , home to several of the most important archaeological sites in the province of Sevilla . Including the Roman Theatre archaeological site of Italica it renovated a few years ago and the nearby fortified monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, founded in 1301 by Alonso Perez de Guzman, known as Guzman El Bueno, will be the two scenarios where programming arrangements to This summer Italica International Dance Festival .

A Festival for fifteen days, between 1 and July 19 provide plurality of styles that go from urban dance to contemporary flamenco .

In total there will be 24 performances which are part of this festival biennial conference that would include ten artists and dance companies and music where three shows are self-produced the festival.

By spaces, the Roman theater host the performance of Imperdibles Productions with Danse in Blue, Manuela Nogales Dance with Skin of Time Lacarra Light-of-Pinillo with Dance in Body and Soul, Israel Galván, production of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia with Elsesa Valbuena mark in Your Eyes On Gsus Villau and Dance Studies and obsolescence the company Decouflé Panorama.

and monastery of San Isidoro , specifically in the Cloister of the Dead, Irene Cantero act with flying, Axel Petit Twelve Committee Fernando Romero times and Pierrot Lunaire.

Art and culture in a history-laden scenarios that give a very special atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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24 May 2015

Summer Offer 2015 at Hotel Monte Puertatierra Cadiz

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 Cathedral of Cadiz Hotel Monte Puertatierra Having one of the most extensive and well maintained urban beaches of the Spanish coast, Cadiz it’s much more than beach.
A peculiar and exquisite cuisine, the culture that give the thousands of years old with perceptible traces of Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Visigoths and especially the gentle and friendly character of its people, welcoming and cheerful.

How to enjoy Cadiz deserves the best conditions, this SUMMER 2015 Hotel Monte Puertatierra offers this interesting promotion, so you take your time.

7-night minimum stay required.
Promotion valid only through the website of Hotels Mount of 07/01/2015 to 19/07/2015 and 08/24/2015 to 13/09 / 2015 .

7-night minimum stay required.
Promotion valid only through the website of Hotels Mount of 20.07.2015 to 08.23.2015 .

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23 May 2015

Wine Festival VIII The Pópulo in Cádiz

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The oldest neighborhood in the oldest city invites us to taste in the streets the whole culture of this beautiful corner of the South. :

 VIII Wine Festival The Pópulo - Hotel Monte Puertatierra Between the City Hall and the Cathedral Cadiz is located the oldest neighborhoods of Cadiz, “ The Pópulo “, just outside the Old Town from the Puerta de Tierra and a few meters the Hotel Monte Puertatierra .

Bounded by the Champs South, the Cathedral Square and Plaza de San Juan de Dios, between the neighborhoods of San Juan and Santa María, this network of streets named after a painting of the Virgin installed on a door of the walls in the sixteenth century, in order to protect the city. In the box that read “Ora pro populo” (in Latin, pray for the people).

The Pópulo occupies the area of ​​the medieval walled city. An area of ​​about four hectares and square floor which had three of its sides and a walled entrance on every front; the side room overlooking the cliff under which broke the waves of the ocean. The walls are now preserved some remains and the three arches that were the ancient entrances to the neighborhood.

Besides the numerous archaeological remains that no other remedy is found in the oldest neighborhood of the oldest city and many interesting places and corners, El Pópulo celebrates another year, from the 22 to May 31, 2015 , your VIII Wine Festival of populism .

A festival that includes musical performances, food tasting and exhibitions, providing for a few days in this unique environment all the attractions for locals and visitors.

Cadiz do not need excuses to be visited but this is another incentive. Do not miss !.

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22 May 2015

Summer in CAAC Seville

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A summer musical programming giving content to the beautiful facilities of the Monastery of La Cartuja in Seville, home of CAAC. :

 CAAC Sevilla - Hotel Monte Triana Hotel Monte Carmelo The Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (CAAC) based on Monasterio de la Cartuja de Sevilla , this Friday May 22, 2015 until September, eighty days after scheduled concerts, with more than 150 groups and soloists.

The CAAC provides the space and provides security and some of his crew and opens to the public at special times (22:00 to 24:00) exposures not see , hear and be silent and María Cañas. Laughter in the Dark . Each activity will manage its own budget independently.

Summer in the CAAC start this Friday at the hands of Flamenkeando that meet at Canijo Jerez, Lin Cortés and Fausto Taranto and continue on Saturday with a concert by Leiva, former singer Laziness, both initiatives proposed by the promoter Music is Love. The following weekend, the 30th, the Center will host the fifth edition of the festival organized Radiópolis with Amphetamine Discharge, La Suite Bizarre, Guillermo Alvah and preachers or Three Sphinxes of Bikini. The next musical event in the grounds of CAAC will and Territories, on 12 and 13 June.

In the area of ​​flamenco, the cycle Wednesday to beat , expands this year to July (four performances a week). And there will be a coda Flamenkeando on September 12, with Chico Ocaña, Antoñito the Three Thousand and Canteca Macao. From the hand of the Seville Association of Jazz (Assejazz) the CAAC will continue to host concerts on Tuesdays, plus jam sessions free Saturdays (John Ellis, or OFNI, the new Project bassist Pablo Martin Caminero, are some of the names in this field).

Finally on 26 September, a mini-festival heavy bringing together, among other bands, The Shawshank Redemption and Storm.

The Carthusian Monastery, home of CAAC since 1997, was the emblem of the Expo 92 used as Royal Pavilion and just a few minutes car Monte Triana Hotel .

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21 May 2015

No Credit in the CAC Málaga

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The exciting proposals CAC Málaga is complemented by this exhibition in film language. :

 No Credit in the CAC Málaga - Hotel Monte Málaga to June 7, 2015 the CAC Málaga (Contemporary Art Centre) has NO CREDIT , a set of ten stories in film language, without beginning or end, no connection between them and without prominence. Each script is adapted to the character actor who plays him. Portrays the story of a series of characters in situations of everyday life, sometimes bordering on the absurd.

Project carried out by a multidisciplinary group of film professionals integrated by a group of creators in Barcelona, ​​launched this project that would somehow break the commercial cinema and show that you can do quality work with minimum costs, away from the canons of blockbusters. The absence of leadership on these stories and the adaptation of each script the actor who plays him are characteristics that speak of a unique and innovative project in the Spanish cinema.

A defining feature of this work is voluntary anonymity of their involved and the nature and plot of each story, which is noteworthy that each of them is shot in a single day, breaking the audiovisual grammar and in black and white. The soundtrack that accompanies the strips is always the same music in homage to its author and disappeared.

The CAC Málaga, located at Calle Germany is located just seven minutes walk from our Hotel Monte Málaga .

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20 May 2015

Fire III Solidarity Race States in Huelva

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The Delegation of Huelva of the NGO Bomberos Unidos bring us to a new edition of the Solidarity Race Huelva. :

 III Solidarity Run Fire States of Huelva - Hotel Monte Conquero In these days when our solidarity wakes beset by recent news of earthquakes Nepal and other natural disasters, Fire States we call for giving visibility and support to the selfless work practice with true vocation.

Because it can not be otherwise, professional solidarity has to be vocational and this human group under the humble name “Fireman” is sacrificed and offers everything in its power to alleviate the pain the suffering, it goes beyond what their profession demands and involve mobilizing society in search of the necessary support for its work.

For the third time, this NGO, the Delegation of United Firefighters Huelva celebrates its charity race that summons us next May 30, 2015 to go at 20: 00h hours Avenida Andalucia Huelva , where you start and end the 5 km of this benefit race.

This initiative is just one of the many who made Huelva to assist in the costs of emergency projects of this NGO firefighters.

In the previous edition the proceeds was earmarked for water purification in the Peruvian Amazon program are benefiting 400,000 people.

The Hotel Monte Conquero Huelva and encourages visitors to register on the Fire III Solidarity Race States in Huelva in support of such an important and selfless work.

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19 May 2015

XIV Edition Dance Festival in Cádiz

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The settings and the streets of Cadiz welcome all initiative and creativity in the hands of Cadiz in Dance Festival. A top-level cultural proposal in one of the most beautiful cities of Andalusia. :

 XIV Dance Festival in Cadiz - Hotel Monte Puertatierra Creativity and innovation are the first fruits of this initiative that the city of Cadiz, through Delegation of Performing Arts, in its fourteenth edition scheduled 6 to June 13, 2015 . A proposal in which companies from eight countries consolidate this XIV edition of Cadiz in Dance Festival .

With a total of 30 companies, 30 shows and 44 performances presented in 13 urban areas of Cadiz : the street of the Cathedral, San Francisco, Spain and Falla; Alameda Apodaca, Entrecatedrales Space, Baluarte de la Candelaria, Space for Contemporary Creation; besides Puppet Theatre, Aunt Norica, Central Lechera and the Gran Teatro Falla. As a novelty, this year joins the Costa Rica Auditorium on Avenida Juan Carlos I.

The Gran Teatro Falla opens the Festival with the company Sharon Fridman presented his show “Free Fall” (Freefall). This young artist born in Israel, and currently director of the group “Projects in movement” since 2004 carries out workings of choreographer and artistic coordinator for the group Mayumana and teaching in various dance centers such as the Conservatory of Dance Maria Ávila, which is visiting professor. He has received several awards for dance and has recently been nominated for the Max Awards for Performing Arts. This time the Israeli choreographer has opened a call for volunteers to participate Cadiz in acting. Participants will work with the cast of the Company in a previous workshop, and will have the opportunity to perform with them on Saturday June 6.

By the above scenarios parade also companies that blend dance, theater, break dance, new technologies and disciplines such as Spanish dance, folk and flamenco. The latter has this year with proposals very different styles and trends, as Sara Cano, Leonor Leal, Paula Quintanao Spin Off Dance, young group which adapts the Spanish videographic dance to new trends.

The Italians Bellanda and Seville to the point! Dance Theater and dance blend contemporary urban dance to the stage of Cadiz.

The Hotel Monte Puertatierra once again welcomes the success of the Festival already established in the Cadiz culture.

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18 May 2015

Sebastião Salgado in the streets of Seville

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The streets of Seville are the Exhibition Hall of the exhibition of the works of Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado. :

 Exhibition Genesis Sebastiao Salgado - Hotels Monte the May 12 to July 2, 2015 , 38 photographs of Sebastião Salgado with the title “ Genesis. Art in the street “will be exhibited at the Avenue of the Constitution Sevilla .

In the black and white photographs of this Brazilian author habitual and sample brings nature with all the visual strength and in his words “Genesis is a visual ode to the majesty and fragility of the Earth; a warning of what we risk losing. ”

Over 32 trips, for eight years, in remote locations around the globe, Salgado has located ecosystems and communities, landscapes and seascapes. The exhibition allows you to discover extraordinary images from the Antarctic, tropical and temperate forests, deserts and frozen lands gigantic mountain ranges of imposing presence, among others.

“Street Art” aims to turn the city of Seville “in an open-air museum and bring the work of renowned artists on the international scene”.

The exhibition “Genesis” is divided into five sections representing each region with a large number of ecosystems and human communities. So, it is “ The ends of the r” with South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, the Peninsula Valdes and the Sandwich Islands; “ Shrines “, with the Galapagos islands Indonesia, Madagascar and ecosystems; “ Africa ,” Okavango Delta in Botswana and Virunga Park in the triple border between Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, the Algerian desert.

Also, it is “ The Northlands ,” landscapes of Alaska and the Colorado Plateau in the United States, the National Park Kluane in Baffin Island (Canada) and the north of Siberia and the Kamchatka Peninsula, and “ The Amazon and the Pantana l” northern regions of Russia The confluence of the Black and Solimões rivers in Manaus, the national parks of Canaima (Venezuela) and Xingu (Brazil) and the Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, halfway between Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Following his earlier work “ Workers ” and “ Exodus “, this is the third long-term project that addresses global issues Sebastião Salgado.

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