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15 April 2015

Joan Manuel Serrat in Seville

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[{[T Q0]}] 50 years of the career of this great artist who begins celebrating in Seville with a concert held at FIBES next May 7.

 Serrat-WEB-PEQ-200x300 On May 7, 2015, Joan Manuel Serrat makes a journey along his extensive work with the concert entitled “ ANTHOLOGY DISORDERLY “.

The event will take place in the Exhibition and Congress FIBES of Sevilla is constructed with songs from different eras in which each is a Part of the long and satisfying way Serrat has traveled along these last 50 years.

Because in this year 2015, Serrat meets 50 years his first public performance. It happened on February 18, 1965 in Barcelona Radio Toreski study on the morning show to the public “RADIOESCOPE” led by Salvador Escamilla.
To celebrate this event the Barcelona artist has a worldwide tour that will stop in Spain in the months of May, June and July provided. Throughout the year 2,015 perform over 90 concerts. During the months of September, October and November make a new tour that will take you to Rep. Dominicana, Puerto Rico, United States, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru where concerts and finalize the draft celebrating 50 years of Joan M. Serrat on the world stage.

FIBES – Thursday, May 7 – 21:30

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14 April 2015

I Andalusian Congress of cancer patients

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Hotel Monte Malaga is pleased to share this congress. An important event in support of cancer patients.

 aecc Malaga The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) , a non Assistive profit charitable celebrates the Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA) his I ANDALUCIAN CONGRESS OF PATIENTS WITH CANCER during the days 24 and April 25 .

With the slogan “ walked with you ” Congress’s main objective is to answer the questions, concerns and needs of patients and families, encouraging a suitable environment for the encounter with the professionals involved in this initiative. And in turn, involve society in the fight against cancer, demystifying the disease and normalization of cancer patients in their day to day; promoting social support from these people.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer wants to provide a space for encounter and growth of patients and professionals in the province of Málaga intended to Andalusia. With the participation of health and healthcare in our region and the rest of Spain staff.

The AECC integrated into its bosom patients, families, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness, accompany people and fund cancer research projects that will allow better diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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13 April 2015

Fourth edition of triathlon Cádiz

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Cádiz celebrates its fourth edition of triathlon from the beach of Santa Maria del Mar, near the Hotel monte Puertatierra.

 trihercules Cádiz held the fourth edition of Triathlon “ TRIHERCULES “. Next April 25, 2015 at 17:00 will be the output from the Playa de Santa Maria del Mar , a few meters from Hotel Monte Puertatierra .

Organized by the Sports Club “Cadiz Costa de la Luz” is a charity race because of the amount of proof to the Adiscon and Rett Syndrome Foundation will donate. All stakeholders will have until April 18 to participate in this fourth edition and may register at the web http: //www.trihercules. com /

The triathlon competition consists of 750 meter swim, cycling 22’100 km and 5 km walk.

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12 April 2015

Recital of Esperanza Fernandez. Flamenco in Sevilla

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Sevilla hosts flamenco in its purest essence, seeking the roots among the classics of the genre, Esperanza Fernandez Quintero Theatre.

 esperanzafernandez Esperanza Fernández claims the repertoire of great historical singers with his show “jondo and true “ to be held in the Teatro Quintero Seville , on 16 April 2015.

is a search and compilation of some songs disused core of this art as Tomás Pavón, La Perla de Cádiz, La Paquera de Jerez and Antonio Chacón among others.

With musical direction by Miguel Ángel Cortés and the special collaboration of dancer Ana Morales.

Flamenco in its purest essence, seeking the roots among the classics of the genre.

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11 April 2015

Exhibition of Pedro Rodriguez Garrido in Colon House Huelva

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Pedro Rodriguez, a native of Huelva, stated in his city his latest creation. The Hotel Monte Conquero wishes you every success.

 I pedrorodriguezgarrido The Huelva artist Pedro Rodriguez Garrido explained in Ibero-American Hall of Columbus House for Huelva their new artistic production. A sample, under the name of ‘Interior Landscapes’ , shows a shift register in the work of artist from Huelva.

The exhibition will be open until next May 4 , is composed of a total of 36 works, sorted into three thematic series. Three points very different looks in which the author has focused his latest creation: the snowy mountains, rural landscapes and Pier Rio Tinto Mining Company.

After four years, Pedro Rodríguez restates individually, on this occasion, to show in your town a few tables, as he explains, are marked by a break in the trend of his painting . It is the starting point of a new “more spontaneous and expressive” stage.

The painter leaves behind the gray cityscape that both identifies so far and advocates a more colorful, expressive and creative freedom marked by creation and by changing the media, using this time the paper instead of the table.

Despite this shift in his career, the exhibition ‘inner landscapes’, organized by the Culture Department of the City of Huelva, retains the personal mark of the artist.

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10 April 2015

18th Edition of Malaga Spanish Film Festival

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Hotel Monte Malaga is pleased with the new edition of the Festival de Málaga. A new edition supporting the dissemination of Spanish cinema.

 FMCE-0313-0714 Between 17 and April 26 is celebrated in Málaga the 18 edition of the “Festival of Málaga.Cine Spanish” .

The Festival de Málaga was born in 1998 and in each of its editions has sought to achieve a number of objectives, including promoting the dissemination and promotion of Spanish cinema, become a benchmark nationally and internationally in the field of film events and contribute to the development of Malaga as an open and cultural city.

Málaga Festival, which this year celebrates its Eighteenth Edition, contributes greatly to the development of cinema in Spanish presenting their best documentaries, short films, etc., in addition to honoring different personalities from the film industry and organizing numerous cycles, exhibitions and parallel activities. The Festival de Málaga wants to reach all audiences and their desire to present and promote a broad overview of film culture seeks always be ready for training, creativity and innovation, framed within an activity that stands out for its character evolving and dynamic transformation.

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9 April 2015

Cadiz Museum

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A beautiful neoclassical building in the center of Cadiz ancient that has a varied permanent exhibition from the Phoenicians to the present.

 Museo de Cádiz Located in the Plaza de Mina City Cádiz , the work of architect Juan Daura in 1838 building, Museo de Cádiz is shared with the School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal Academy of Fine Artes.

The basic distribution is around the central courtyard, organizing on the ground floor archeology section, with outstanding pieces dating from the Palaeolithic period and other unique singular, such as the anthropoid sarcophagi, the bronzes dedicated to Melkart-Hercules or the halls of the Roman world.
On the first floor the Fine Arts, one of the most interesting galleries, with paintings ranging from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century and which can be seen works is
Zurbarán Murillo, Italian and Flemish Baroque masters: Rubens.
On the second floor, contemplate Section of Ethnology with Puppet Aunt Norica.
Finally, in the same plant, is noteworthy contemporary art collection with works by Miró, Chema Cobos, Costus, Pérez Villalta etc.

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8 April 2015

Isla Mágica opens its 2015 season

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The theme park of Seville, Isla Mágica opens its season with a range of dining and leisure.

 islamagica Last Saturday, April 4 have opened the gates of Magic Island in Sevilla to welcome the first visitors this season Theme Park.

New shows, renewed for this season, 26 attractions are as mechanical or water, new movie “Duel of the Knights” and “The Lost World” of Dimension 4, a 3D cinema with effects beyond the screen; games, restaurants with varied cuisine to everyone’s taste etc., in total 76 units of entertainment for a day of family fun.

Some of the milestones and figures that will shape this season 2015 are:

  • 134 days open to the public ( from April 4 to November 2 ).
  • Opening June 6 aquatic area, Water Magic , which was a great success last season receiving more than 250,000 visits.
  • Reaching the figure of 700,000 visits, with great weight of family audiences with children, from Andalusia, other regions of Spain, Portugal etc.
  • Continue customer loyalty through the sale of season passes, from Sevilla and its surroundings, thus reaching 10,000 season tickets, thanks to the enormous advantages of unlimited enjoyment Offer Magic Island and free or discounted to other theme parks in Spain and the rest of Europe which together with the eight parks Looping Access Group, for a total of 15 parks and multiple discounts in other areas leisure and service. It has made a special offer for families with discounts and interest-free financing.
  • Receiving over 80,000 students, teachers and other members of the educational community, thanks to the pedagogical interest, has an educational guide, and playful supply of Magic Island.

Magic Island will remain open in April on Saturdays and Sundays from 11: 00-22: 00 hrs. More information .

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6 April 2015

Playas de Huelva

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The province of Huelva defines its coast between the Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers. A long stretch of golden sand washed by the Atlantic. An undiscovered destination.

 playa-de-rompeculos Huelva , city in which is located the Hotel Monte Conquero enjoy all the advantages inherent to the short distances and good communications. Found southwest of the peninsula requires some determination to reach, but not lacking incentives.

The province is framed by the Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers, we may speak of a “Mesopotamia” as it is between two rivers.

The Guadiana River forms the border of the province with Portugal, and in him all the streams located in the provincial west die. For its part, the Guadalquivir River, flows between the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz and exerts boundary between the two provinces, although only for a few kilometers. However, collects most of the waters of the marshes (Doñana National Park) through Rocina Brook, and the northeastern part, by the banks of Huelva.

Besides the basins of the Tinto, Odiel, Piedras Chanza rivers and marshes make high environmental and landscape value.

All this within a few kilometers to allow travelers to choose from a wide range of nature and leisure.

From the therapeutic virtues of little beach can be added to what is already known. Walking through the sand, breathing clean air of the ocean, sun, calm, peace. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of the waves and lose the look in the endless blue horizon.

Has the coast of Huelva a certain peculiarity in the Natural Park of both Doñana and the Odiel and are its high percentage of protected space, allowing stop the tide of cement that much damage has been done to other parts of the Spanish coast.
In this area a number of broad white beaches where they join and combine the water, dunes and pine forests extend.

Enjoy the beach, for those who need the combined sun and sea requires good weather and in this the Costa de la Luz is also privileged.

Oriented generally at noon (South) area of ​​maximum sun exposure in the Northern Hemisphere. It has 3000 hours of sunshine a year approximately, which is to say that in this province enjoys 300 days cleared annually.

Regarding precipitation, are around 500 mm per year (in the mountainous hinterland can increase to 1,000 mm per year). The maximum rainfall is late autumn and winter, while in summer season the rains fail, particularly in July not register only slightly.

The coast between Ayamonte and Punta Umbria, is flat and resolves long beaches, dunes, pine forests and sand bars formed by the mouths of small rivers and the thrust of the Atlantic Ocean.

Huelva, the capital, anchored between the Tinto and Odiel rivers, and beyond begins a huge beach that never ends until Guadalquivir, against the backdrop of the marshes and the Doñana National Park, the area faunístico greater interest in Europe.

Quote beaches start is a little escape, let your imagination and fall into a reverie. Start Now to dream and imagine the beaches of Ayamonte, Isla Cristina, Isla Antilla, Lepe, Cartaya, Punta Umbria, Huelva, Palos or Moguer. Names of old sound, Colombina resonance. From these beaches Columbus looked to infinity by trapping itself in uncharted horizon.

Let us catch, we. It is difficult to find among these names a secluded place for those who prefer solitude or a more lively for urbanites.

In an age where we all go together at all. Where we post our destiny in social networks, where privacy is no longer such, there still Huelva beaches where lost.

Huelva is still an undiscovered destination.

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6 April 2015

Adel Abdessemed Exhibition at the CAC Málaga

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The Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga presents the first solo exhibition in a museum Adel Abdessemed Spanish.

 MA_adelassemet The Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga presents the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum of Adel Abdessemed .
The exhibition, entitled Palace and curated by Fernando Francés, is composed of three large sculptures, Le Vase abominable , and a sculptural piece of a stuffed pigeon, occupying the central space of the museum.
Topics such as violence, politics or religion are addressed by the multidisciplinary artist, who uses a variety of materials in their work. In his work gives an overview of history, that the intervention becomes part of the immediate present. Palace is an original installation that exposes the contrasts between different cultures, while portraying the fears and concerns of each of us.
The artist migrated to France in the nineties after the religious and political conflicts that broke out at that time and ended up with part of the intellectual and cultural life of Algeria. After passing through Paris, New York and Berlin, currently lives and works in London.

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