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10 October 2015

Museum of Fine Arts of Seville

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Facing the statue of Murillo, in a beautiful building of the seventeenth century is one of the treasures of Seville, one of the most important art galleries in Spain. :

 Museum of Fine Arts of Seville One of the most important art galleries in Spain we have in Sevilla , which is Monte Triana Hotel .

Located in the Museum Square, where a statue of Murillo Seville painter, sculptor Sabino de Medina, welcomes an imposing architectural complex, home of the Museum of Fine Arts Sevilla .

The building, built in 1603, originally as Convent of La Merced, was dedicated to art gallery after the confiscation of Mendizabal, being from 1835 when the Academy of Fine Arts takes over the then “Museum paintings “. It is interesting to note that in the inventory of works of the period more than 2,000 pieces referenciaban. But history has not had mercy on this temple of culture, at the end of 1990 more than 300 pieces were recorded. At present, the museum already has a significant increase in its heritage based primarily on the quality of the works acquired.

The specialization of the Museum in Seville Baroque painting has become a reference center for painters such as Zurbarán, Murillo and Valdés Leal, and Andalusian painting of the nineteenth century.

Although the museum’s collection had its origin in the works from convents and monasteries affected by the confiscation, from the early twentieth century numerous donations from individuals, such as Parladé Jose Gonzalez Abreu Gestoso or increase the Heritage Museum, both in paintings such as textiles, furniture, ceramics and other objects of historic and artistic interest.

From the collection of Sevillian painting of the seventeenth century which houses the museum, it can stand out the most representative works of Spanish painters like Murillo, Zurbaran, Velazquez and Juan Valdes.

the nineteenth and twentieth century works by artists such as Gonzalo Bilbao, Valeriano Becquer and Eugenio Hermoso.

The Museum is currently distributed in 14 rooms whose relationship will give us a clear idea of ​​the wealth of its content (source wikipedia):


  • Room I: Spanish medieval art.
  • Room II: Renaissance Art.
  • Room III: Francisco Pacheco and his school, altarpieces.
  • Room IV: Small masterpieces.
  • Room V: former monastery church. Seville Baroque: the great masters. Highlights include works by Murillo placed in front of the church and the cruise.


  • Room VI: The Sevillian Baroque.
  • Room VII: Murillo painting selection and his disciples
  • Room VIII: Painting of Juan de Valdes Leal.
  • Room IX: European Baroque painting.
  • Room X: Zurbarán.
  • Room XI: Spanish Painting and eighteenth century Seville.
  • Room XII: Sevillian painting of the nineteenth century, the transition from Romanticism to Realism.
  • Room XIII: Romanticism.
  • Room XIV: Seville Painting of the first half of the twentieth century.

Every Friday and Saturday will be guided one-hour tours approximate duration totally free. They are aimed at the general public and will focus on four different works in each session.
Sessions will be at 18:00 on Fridays and 12:00 on Saturdays.
are free. Without reservation, limited capacity.

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9 October 2015

First International Fair of Contemporary Art in Seville

A new exhibition stake in the difficult field of contemporary art. Sevilla aspires to be a benchmark for the new Andalusian artistic vanguard. :

 I INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR OF SEVILLA With the participation of Foundations, Museums, Galleries and Artists held in the Congress and Exhibition in Seville (FIBES) the first edition of INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR CONTEMPORARY that will take place from the day 15 al October 18, 2015 .

The Fair will gather in one place the most avant-garde art with a playful sense, organizing visits, symposiums, tours and activities so that the audience have fun enjoying the art and the city.

celebration is included in the schedule for this I FAIR, on 16 and October 17 the I Congress National Contemporary Art that we hope will become unavoidable for the month of October in the years to date. During the congress latent issues will be discussed within the world of contemporary art, presenting emerging artists and listen to the experiences of the most experienced and consolidated in our country. Understand the problems and the low participation of collectors, or know the opinion of critics, curators and gallery owners of prestige certainly discover the operation of complex contemporary art market.

especially Aimed at professionals who want to expand their knowledge on the subject, the First National Congress of Contemporary Art will allow attendees to keep up with the latest trends and currents present thoughts and turn the event in a meeting between professionals where they can socialize and make themselves known.

A special interest for this conference is attended by students of art history, fine arts, philosophy, architecture, journalism and other humanities to receive academic recognition for their assistance.
Access to this event is free also for any person of contemporary art lover who wants to advance their knowledge and better understand the inner workings of this discipline.

The Congress will feature a comprehensive educational program, carefully designed by the Scientific Committee among which we find Fernando French (Director of the CAC Málaga), Sema D’Acosta, Paco Perez Valencia, Rocio Muñoz Valseca (Director of Congress) and in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville and the ICAS among others.

Hotels Monte welcomes this new initiative which we hope will have a long life and success.

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8 October 2015

XXX Iberoamerican Theater Festival in Cadiz

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 Iberoamerican Theater Festival in Cadiz [{[Tcq1]}] The [{[TTT2]}] Torre Tavira </a></strong> representing the look on the other side of the Atlantic is the protagonist of sign <strong> Cecilio Chaves </strong> has been used for editing the <strong> XXX Iberoamerican Theater Festival in Cadiz </strong> to be held <strong> 20 until next October 31 </strong> 2015. </p>
<p> The festival, once again, remains committed to maintaining dialogue between theater and Spanish Ibero-America, betting on contemporary authorship, not theatrical scripts and new versions of classic literature. </p>
<p> With the participation of 28 groups from 12 countries will stage 31 works with the support of <strong> Iberescena </strong>, the festival will feature various venues, such as The Gran Teatro Falla, the Central Lechera room, the room and Aunt Batillo Noria room will be the main enclaves of this issue and various squares and streets of the city that will host the performances of Teatro Libertad project focusing on street performances This year eight group carried out four different countries. </p>
<p> Festival also awarded the X Prize FIT Atahualpa Cioppo the Hispanic Theater in Miami and will pay a special tribute to the Colombian actress Patricia Ariza Flores. </p>
<p> Besides the Festival, among other documentation, have a Forum Creators and the Third Meeting of the Review and the XIII Meeting of Women of Latin America in the Performing Arts, which will focus this year on theater Languages and presentation of magazines and publications. </p>
<p> A year and especially this XXX edition, the <strong> THEATER </strong> in Cadiz is capitalized. </p>
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7 October 2015

41 edition of the Latin American Film Festival of Huelva

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.A Festival which is already one of the most prestigious of Latin American cinematography. The international cultural event of the city of Huelva. :

 Latin American Film Festival of Huelva Two great icons of the Spanish scene will be honored with awards from the Festival Huelva Latin American Film Belen Rueda with the City of Huelva Prize Mariano Peña with Light Award.

The 41 edition of the Latin American Film Festival of Huelva to be held 14 to 21 November de 2015. , it is already one of the cultural events of Huelva with greater international projection. The event this year has received more than 1,000 titles than 60. Ten of them will go to the Official Section five will be screened in competition at La Rabida section, dedicated to films by young filmmakers and author, plus 12 short films and five documentaries. For its part, Section Tribute to Mexico, the UK and Gibraltar have eight titles and the Spanish Panorama Huelva Special Sections and Section Child sections added another 20 titles.

Numbers which give an idea of ​​the complexity that will have to address the jury chosen for this edition of the Official Selection will be made by the film director Fernando Colomo, the director of the Cinematheque of Cuba, Luciano Castillo, writer Teresa Viejo, and photographer Héctor Garrido. The jury of La Rabida Section constitute the rector of Campus Santa Maria de La Rabida, Yolanda Pelayo, the actress Laura de la Uz, and vice president of the Spain Film Commission, Koldo Lasa. The jury of the Short Film Section compose the cultural programming of the Provincial de Huelva, Marcos Gualda, film critic Jose Felix Collazos and cultural journalist Vocento, Mitxel Ezquiaga. Meanwhile, the Documentary Jury consists of the production and distribution of documentaries Montse Portabella, journalist Huelva Information, Elena Llompart and students and teachers appointed by the University of Huelva.

In the edition of 2014, 35,000 people enjoyed the screenings scheduled attesting to the vocation of the festival, citizen-oriented, looking to the city of Huelva to feel identified with its festival and fill the rooms Projection daily.

The festival venues will be the Casa Colón , headquarters of the Latin American Film Festival of Huelva. Here are the offices of the Festival and is where the press conferences and other events take place. In the Palace of Congresses of the Columbus House the gala opening and closing of the Festival as well as numerous film screenings are held.

The Gran Teatro de Huelva hosting the presentation of the official competition section and the holding of tributes and the delivery of City Awards Huelva and Light Awards.

In the multiplex Cinebox Aqualon occur press passes, retransmissions of the films of the official competition section, and projections of various films of non-competitive sections of the festival.

In addition, Cocheras Port the University of Huelva and finally Cultural Society Casino of Rociana in the center of Rociana County, 43 kilometers from Huelva capital. It will be visible feature and short films selected for the section Panorama County that will compete for the Golden Strawberry Vid County and awards.

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6 October 2015

Municipal Heritage Museum Malaga

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A wide variety of works of art and cultural background of the City of Malaga. An exhibition of the heritage of the city of Malaga. :

 Municipal Heritage Museum Malaga More than 4,000 pieces belonging to the categories for sites, properties, sculptures, paintings, prints, documents of great historical value and a voluminous library, make up the background of this interesting exhibition archive.

Organized in a chronological journey through thematic units, works explain the relationship of City of Malaga with their city.

Conceived in order to value the Municipal Heritage historical and artistic character; closer to society and serve as a platform for the dissemination and support local art, especially contemporary artists.

The history of MUPAM goes back to the last third of the nineteenth century, when the City of Malaga makes the decision to create a Municipal Museum to accommodate a series of paintings he had gained during those years.

But the first pieces of registered heritage properties already produced by incorporating the documentation of the capture of the city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487, when Málaga joined the Crown of Castile. From there a wide variety of assets, movable and immovable, they are incorporated into the Municipal Heritage Collection, with more than 4,000 works without archival and library collections.

Among the most important pieces in the collection stands The Mystic Marriage of Santa Margarita of Francesco Mazzola “il Parmigianino”, donated by the English subject B. Newbery for Noble Hospital after taking over the construction and financing of the property. As the set of movable property of the nineteenth century that make municipal collection acquires particular importance, with fifty-four works of this period.

As for the sculpture, are very interesting Pilgrim Casasola a relief in mud, Bust Moreno Carbonero Mariano Benlliure, author gift, and Allegory in bronze, also Benlliure, who has recovered Recently.

This is just one example of the variety and breadth of Heritage stated, in summary, “The collection of local artistic work is of singular importance for the representation of the companies that compose it and the variety technical, stylistic and aesthetic that are present in it, so its value and approach to citizenship was a necessary initiative. Coupled with other collections, public or private contributing to making Malaga a city for culture “(Teresa Sauret Guerrero, Cultural Department of the City of Malaga, 2007).

The MUPAM is located in a building with original design of architect Federico Orellana Ortega, located in the Corach Ascent (formerly popular neighborhood in the Mount skirt Gibralfaro ) on the site of the former barracks of the Civil Guard.

It consists of two modular cubes linked by transparent walkways. In southern module offices, cafeteria, auditorium and reception are arranged. North module three floors devoted to exhibition area with a capacity of 1,100 m 2 .

The architects Miguel Rodríguez González and Pau Soler Serratosa expanded in April 2003 the museum with another modular hub three floors devoted to temporary exhibitions in celebration of its 800 m 2 .

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3 October 2015

Manga Festival 2015 Cadiz

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An approach to Japanese culture through one of its most popular icons, the Manga. :

 Manga Festival 2015 Cadiz

On-Site Castillo de San Sebastián the City of Cadiz available to the organizers, will be held on 2, 3 and 4 October 2015 the Manga Festival 2015 Cadiz .

In order to increase youth participation and association, the festival program a tight content: activities, conferences, projections and tournaments that ensure a few days of leisure and entertainment to fans Manga and Japanese culture .

The City of Cadiz and the most important in the field of alternative leisure and youth associations: AGOCA, DivineLoL, Phoenix, Isshin, ACKaigi, Millennial and moves on in these days include lectures and interesting as that Mari Angeles Robles presents an approach to Japanese literature and Miguel Gutierrez Villarrubia also approaching Japanese culture in the field of architecture or Jidaigeki, genre film, television or theater that tells the adventures of the time sumarais Edo.

 Manga Festival in the Castle of San Sebastian - Cadiz Among the various activities planned, we highlight the Katana-Softcombat workshop, workshops Japanese language, Sho-do and Ikebana , Karaoke Free or exposure Kimonos we are sure will surprise fans and curious culture of Japan, not only fans Manga.

The schedule for these activities will be Saturday March 17 to 22h and Sunday from 11 to 20h. Admission is free until full capacity.

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1 October 2015

White Night 2015.Sevilla

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A full and varied activities proposed in unusual hours. White Night in Seville is “up” for everyone. :

 White Night 2015 Sevilla

The Friday 10/02/2015 Sevilla celebrates its fourth edition of “ White Night “. An ambitious cultural and entertainment proposal.

Organized by the Association “ Sevilla moves ” have been programmed more than 100 activities and 20 routes scattered throughout the city and organized by categories such as heritage, science and engineering, theater, music and dance, literature, painting and urban routes through the city, among others.

In the category of “Heritage” this edition has as main novelty opening Cathedral of Seville and the Giralda in an unusual schedule , allowing around the cathedral naves, access the Patio de los Naranjos or meet its museum of paintings, treasures and enjoy the best views of the city from the same Giralda An example of the many monuments and places of interest that are open during the day.

highlight the “Science and Engineering” section, the opening of Aquarium Sevilla , the Pavilion of Navigation, the House of Science CSIC Inventions sample or where we can meet “Carmen” a machine designed to compose bulerías.

contemporary photographic or painting exhibitions are part of the category “Art” that we enjoy in this Friday night.

The literature also has its place with various events, such as a micro-story contest, and a proposal for Erotic Poetry in the Alameda de Hercules or round Nights Poets in the Marketplace.

Flamenco course Ungravity rock Rock, seguirillas the candlelight, swing on the street or direct Manolo Tena in the FNAC are some of the musical offerings of this long night Seville .

In the category theater is no less the presence of this date night among other scheduled “Cyrano” in the Palace of the Marquises of Algaba or representation of “bloody pearls” in the Quintero Theater.

Painting and sculpture will be added to the list of activities for the next Nuit Blanche in Seville in various areas among which the presentation of the First International Art Fair, at the Faculty of Fine Arts Sevilla.

And as a main course, dozens of urban routes that are scheduled to visit the city taking an evening stroll. From the known paths “Ispavilia” to the sightseeing bus tours of “City Sighseeing Sevilla” scoundrel through the city, the time of the Seville picaresque that offer us “Feel the City Tours”.

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30 September 2015

Greencities & amp; sustainability 2015.Málaga

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The sustainability and the environment professionals in an open debate. A high-level meeting in Malaga. :

 Greencities. Málaga Organized by the Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA) and the Association of Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content ( AMETIC ) held the sixth edition of the forum Greencities & Sustainability .

for on 7 and 8 October 2015 , companies, professionals and institutions will debate intelligent and sustainable buildings, mobility, energy and the environment in the city.

The meeting 100% professional is aimed at generating business, with priority contact city-business and business-city and gather leads and facilitating specialist suppliers in one space.

In the previous edition, 2014, Greencities had more than 600 registered companies, 3244 participants, 118 public institutions, 80 municipalities and 176 speakers, more than 800 B2B meetings during the two days of meetings.

For the third year Greencities matches Tikal Forum Forum for Technology, Innovation and Knowledge in Latin America, organized by the School of Industrial Organization ( EOI ) and City of Malaga and funded by ERDF . In addition, as part of the event, will take place “ 9th Conama Local : employment, energy and climate”, organized by the Conama Foundation and ICT & Sustainability Forum , promoted by AMETIC. All contents of these calls will be held in a common whole which is currently the main meeting point of Spanish around these issues.

Greencities & Sustainability , also has spaces Green LAB and Aula Greencities , as well as a program scientific communications position as one of the largest Spanish showcases innovation and research in the field of urban sustainability.

All this offer is complemented by the exhibition area and area networking in the participating cities, professionals and companies.

The Hotel Monte Málaga one of the first ecological hotels in Spain is pleased with this new edition on smart and sustainable building.

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29 September 2015

Paco memory. Exhibition in Cadiz Paco de Lucia.

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The constant search for new paths in flamenco tradition miss this great guitarist one of our best valued and admired musicians worldwide. :

 Memoria de Paco. Cádiz The Baluarte de la Candelaria for Cadiz exposed to October 18, 2015 a journey through the life and work of the great guitarist from Algeciras Paco de Lucia .

Memoria de Paco ” is based on a score of panels with text and photographs in a chronological journey through life and work of this revolutionary flamenco guitar.

With graphic documents of Pepe Lamarca, Daniel Muñoz and José Luis Roca and literary, graphic and historiographical contributions of Félix Grande, Donn Pohren, Paco Seville, Diana Pérez Custodio and Kioko Shikaze and others among which the hyperrealist painting of Manuel Cordero in black and white.

Paco de Lucia (1947-2014) , smaller son of the guitarist Antonio Sanchez, soon began to emerge in the purest flamenco style, collaborating with leading figures this art in his time, as Fosforito and El Lebrijano and of the great shrimp with which always maintained a close friendship and mutual admiration.

Since the release of his album Fuente y Caudal in 1973, with his music hit the mainstream, a constant search for new ways revolutionized flamenco bringing a new language and an unprecedented wealth in the tradition flamenco musical.

Without ever abandoning its origins, he dared to jazz and blues with artists of the stature of Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin . Or the classic, highlighting his recording of “ Concierto de Aranjuez ” from Joaquin Rodrigo with the Orchestra of Cadaqués directed by Edmon Colomer. A live recording from 1991, where he showed he was capable of overcoming its technical limitations by providing a new and unexpected dimension of the Concierto de Aranjuez, one of the most performed works in the history of music.

With Paco de Lucia new paths in flamenco were initiated, the search led to interbreeding and mergers that have given a new dimension to the art making it universal.

 Monument Paco de Lucia. Algeciras Died suddenly and prematurely put to rest in his native Algeciras, living city honored him by erecting the statue of the deceased also linense sculptor Ignacio Falgueras also masterfully he portrayed in bronze eternal José Monje “Camarón”.

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27 September 2015

Offer SENIORS, the benefits of being older.

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Seniors advantage of our offer and give yourself the break you deserve. Our Offer Seniors, the benefits of being older. :

an opportunity for that getaway you deserve , because you can now.

 Text Seniors - Hotels Monte

 Offer Seniors - Hotels Monte

Query conditions and availability and Organize your best plan.


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