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25 January 2015

XXI International Fashion Fair 2015 Flamenca.SIMOF

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Sevilla and announces spring in this new edition of flamenco fashion the only regional dress that changes every year. All trends and styles.

 SIMOF-2015-Banner The Exhibition and Conference in Seville, FIBES and Dual Agency Erre organized from 5 to 8 February 2015 in Hall 2, the XXI International Flamenco Fashion Show. SIMOF 2015 , continuing with the development of such an important sector as that of flamenco fashion, that encompasses a wide range of small, medium and large companies, most of the Andalusian Community.

FIBES returns to host, once again, the most important gateway Flamenco Fashion. Large firms and designers are ready, like every season, to present the collections to be showcased at this year’s Feria de Abril in Seville and many others, and cites the largest meeting point for designers, models, professionals are given and entrepreneurs from the world of Arts & Flamenco fashion: the International Flamenco Fashion Show, SIMOF.

SIMOF 2015 in their work to promote and develop the sector of flamenco fashion and industrial tissue behind it, again the scene of a variety of exhibitors; this year will be 29 professional catwalk with 32 designers / firms in total, plus the Young Designers Competition with what will be 10 new promises of flamenco fashion. SIMOF showcase over 1,200 exclusive flamenco dresses on the catwalk.

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23 January 2015

Exposure movements and sequences. Collection. In the Picasso Museum in Malaga.

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Hotel Monte Malaga welcomes this new exhibition result of the analysis of the Picasso Museum in Malaga. A new look at the work by Picasso.

 MuseoPicassoMalaga The next February 2 opens the exhibition year Picasso Museum in Malaga with a discussion of Picasso’s work with that of his contemporaries as Braque, Gris, Matisse and Miro. It will be on display movements and sequences. Collection , the result of a study of the funds drawings Picasso Museum showing the manner in which the fractionation of the image and the introduction of multiple viewpoints, both linked to Cubism, printed a revolutionary dynamism to the work of art.

This presentation of drawings and prints from the collection is the updated results of the analysis of these funds -fechados roughly between 1906 and 1930 that were already presented exclusively in the first quarter of 2014.

the exhibition is complemented with other dated works in the period studied, as well as an exemplary selection of works by other contemporary authors, among which are Maria Blanchard, Georges Braque, André Derain, Juan Gris, Henri Matisse or Joan Miró addition to the Andalusian Federico Garcia Lorca, Ismael Gomez de la Serna, Joaquín Peinado and Jose Moreno Villa.

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22 January 2015

Sevilla mushrooms. A different viewpoint.

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A wooden structure, modern architecture in the service of tourism in Seville. A different viewpoint for a single city.

 viewpoints-sevilla-830x620 Located in the central square of the Incarnation of Sevilla , between narrow old streets and squares, this particular structure known popularly as latches Mushrooms of the Incarnation .

Metropol Parasol , is the structure of the world’s largest wood. It has 2 columns of concrete that house elevators to the lookout. Its dimensions are 150 x 70 meters, a height of 26 meters and the winning project was opened by the Seville City Council to carry out the rehabilitation of the square in which it is located competition. Its designer was the Berlin architect Jürgen Mayer.

It houses a market with local shopping and dining, a place of entertainment, a gazebo and museum Antiquarium . For its innovative design and tourism functions, has become a claim over the historic center of Seville.

The square is key point for demonstrations and other events in the city, for example, is a venue for important matches on giant screens. In several seasons markets in their environment and the area in general brings us closer to a more traditional Seville image that contrasts with the modernity of the monument are organized.

At his feet the Antiquarium , which has been described by many experts as “the largest Roman archaeological site of the city “. The remains date from the first century until the twelfth century: complete and functional overlapping sets, which have a maximum visibility on a horizontal continuous surface with some steps where different historical moments overlap. Particularly noteworthy are the mosaics of the Roman House, the House of Ninfa or the House of Bacchus. It also highlights a mural of three meters located in the courtyard of the Ocean.

El Mirador pan with 360 degree view for Sevilla from 28 meters high by 250 meters gateway including a gastrobar. Allows to see beautiful views of the city.

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21 January 2015

II Retro Auto & amp; Moto Málaga, Classic Car, Vintage and Collection

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Málaga will host another year, thus meeting the interest of fans of classic cars and motorcycles, vintage and collection, II Retro Auto & Moto Málaga.

 RM2015 A4 + 3mm_baja Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga FYCMA presents the January 30 to February 1, 2015 the II Retro Auto & Moto Málaga , Classic Car, Vintage and Collection.

This second lounge and consolidates Málaga as the location for this kind of monographic exhibitions, thus satisfying the interest of fans of classic cars and motorcycles , vintage and collection.

The show is organized by the specialized company Events Motor SL , and will include rallies, exhibitions and exhibitions related to the automotive sector.

Other activities will host a concentration of the Ferrari in the day on Sunday, February 1st from noon to meet twenty sports, both current and historical, that will be exposed to the audience inside the fairgrounds.

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20 January 2015

ECCO COSTUS Exhibition in Cadiz.

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Exhibition of selected works of COSTUS, collective of artists Juan Carrero and Enrique Naya latter Cadiz, icons “Madrid scene ’80s :

 costus The Space for Contemporary Creation of Cadiz ECCO is between its permanent exhibits the work of one of the most representative artistic groups from Spain eighties: Costus, by plastic authors Juan Carrero Galofré (Palma de Mallorca 1955 formed – Sitges 1989) and Enrique Naya Igueravide (Cádiz 1953 – Badalona 1989).

A sample consisting of a total of 19 pieces of the series in acrylic on canvas and framed within the Pop style, highlighting its rich color and lighting effects. The exhibition is complemented with pieces that help contextualize the evolution and importance of these artists, in what some would call later Madrid scene of the 80s

The ECCO hosts permanent collection, a clear bet town for the recovery and enhancement of this outstanding heritage as cultural and tourist motor, and as a symbol of Cadiz art.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 11-21 hours and Sundays and holidays from 11-15 hours.

ECCO. Space for Contemporary Creation, Cádiz.
Paseo Carlos III 5 11003 Cádiz (Spain)

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19 January 2015

Routes in Huelva. Columbus Monument

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today clarify a common confusion among visitors and countrymen of Huelva. The Columbus Monument and the Monument to the Faith Discoverer. Both worth visiting and admiring.

 1-Monument-a-la-Fe-Discoverer-o-Monument-a-Colxn-Punta-del-Sebo-Huelva2 De between those usual confusion in every city, Huelva also has his. And today we bring this up is sovereign size.

If the traveler asks the streets of Huelva by “Columbus Monument” almost certainly friendly interlocutor will tell you in detail how to get to Punta del Sebo , located on the outskirts of the capital of Huelva.

And once in the right place, situated two kilometers from the urban area, the confluence of the rivers Red and Odiel , the traveler contemplates a human figure leaning on a cross, in stone 37 meters high , a style say “cubist” , facing the river and covered with a blanket. In his pedestal are various reliefs representing the Aztec, Inca, Maya and Christian cultures. The interior of the pedestal is hollow, and it can be found grounds relating to the discovery and the names of both the discoverers who traveled on the ships and the members of the foundation that contributed to its creation. A sculptural group representing the Catholic Monarchs also appears.

This observing the traveler is not the “Monumento a Colón” despite appearances, is the “ Monument to the Faith Discoverer “. Represents the figure of a Franciscan monk of the Monastery of La Rabida who, clad in their faith, played a crucial role in helping to Christopher Columbus called “discoverer deed.” Mainly highlighted the contributions of parents Fray Antonio de Marchena and Fray Juan Perez. Commonly this is confused with the figure of Christopher Columbus himself.

And this is the error. The authentic “Columbus Monument , is located in the Plaza of the Nuns of the capital of Huelva a few meters from our Hotel Monte Conquero . It is a statue pedestal dedicated to Christopher Columbus, sculptor Elias Rodriguez Picon opened in 2011.

Rinse the mess, both are worthy of admiration and a good excuse to enjoy the corners of Huelva.

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18 January 2015

App tourist information on the city bus from Seville

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A tool that the city of Sevilla offers visitors and users of public transport. Tour and mobility that our customers certainly appreciate Monte Hotels.

 app_tussam The Ayuntamiento de Sevilla , through its public transport company urban TUSSAM installed in more than 700 shelters, stickers with a QR code and NFC technology that allows to download a mobile app to bring the same information available in Spanish, English, French, German and Chinese.

This app let you know exactly where you are and how to reach your destination on foot, by public transport or by car via the routes and maps Google maps; know what attractions you can visit or where to shop and eat around 200 meters; see what bus lines stop nearby and how long it takes or where to go next stop Sevici (bike rental) Next is and if you have bikes available; and information about the cultural agenda of the city and information about the main monuments and tourist itineraries available to any visitor smartphone.

Fly Sevilla is the name of this tool has been installed in ten days at stops and 10,000 downloads.

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16 January 2015

Abraham Lacalle at the Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga

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opens in Malaga CAC exhibition of paintings by Abraham Lacalle. Large canvases and drawings covering the same subject: the battlefields. A proposal to recommend from our Hotel Monte Málaga.

 Abraham-Lacalle The Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga announced for Friday January 16, 2015 at 20:00, the opening of his exhibition of Abraham Lacalle .

born in Almería in 1962, began his career in the 80s and in 1994 won the scholarship of artistic promotion of the Casa de Velázquez. His work is characterized by literary references, Lowry, Pessoa, de la Serna, discipline also grown.

In his paintings there are references to great masters of painting, as Marcel Duchamp, Picasso, Mondrian or Philip Guston. His works impress with the special subjectivity that makes the color treatment. A turn in it so ironic and sarcastic, constant references to the great artistic and literary movements of the twentieth century social criticism.

The exhibition, curated by Fernando Francés, you will see large canvases and drawings covering the same subject: the battlefields. Each painting is an image precisely these struggles that go beyond military conflicts, and are a reflection of the internal disputes that keeps the person in your relationship with the outside. Often, the artist refers to these ‘battles’ to raise a review on the current social situation: trivialization of the issues or fundamental issues and saturation of images through the mass media.

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15 January 2015

Botanical Gardens – Historic La Concepción. Málaga.

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Hotel Monte Malaga proposes the visit to a privileged environment that will allow them to live the sensations of an exotic garden dotted with archaeological remains, on a balcony with view of the entire city of Málaga and the infinite framework Mediterranean. The Garden of La Concepción. Worth it.

No one will escape the undoubted attractions of Málaga and its environment. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top tourist destinations in Andalucía . Málaga is a city with sea views, its main attraction, but surrounded by mountains, breathtaking nature that defines and enhances, protects and conditions.

Mindful of these attractions, around 1855 the Marquis of Casa Loring, entrepreneur, humanitarian and Spanish politician, acquired the land from several farms created around your house what is now known as Botanical Gardens – Historic La Concepción .

The Marquis and his wife, Dº Jorge Loring Oyarzábal and Ms. Amalia Heredia Livermore, say during their honeymoon in Europe and thanks to the stable financial position and its relationship with major European gardens made it possible to grow more exotic plants brought from around the world. To bring it to fruition, they had the help of a French gardener, Chamousst, which selected plants and plantations made, obtaining quite a few awards for this work as stated in the papers of the late s. XIX.

 viewpoint-the-garden-botanical-de-la-concepcion-malaga La Concepción was being known in Europe since its inception, also for the magnificent collection of archaeological remains gathered in the Loringiano Museum , Doric temple that stood on a Roman mosaic discovered in Cártama and showing the exploits of Hercules. For years marriage Loring few cared to recover archaeological remains have at your fingertips. Of these the most important was undoubtedly the Lex Flavia Malacitana, bronze Roman laws that governed Malaga in eighties, today in the National Archaeological Museum.

In 1943 he was officially declared historical artistic garden, currently considered of cultural interest (BIC). In the spring of 1990 it became the property of the City of Malaga, which opened to the public on June 21, 1994.

Of the 49 hectares that occupy the property, 26 are peri urban park and 23 fenced constituting the Historical-Botanical Garden La Concepción.
The Municipal Botanical Trust “Ciudad de Málaga” entity that manages the Garden of La Concepción maintains this beautiful collection of tropical and subtropical flora outdoor plant species from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In addition to scheduling cultural and educational activities, promotes research, documentation and exchange of species with other entities. A living and dynamic organism that has allowed the preservation of the garden and create an important culture of the city of Málaga added value.

A visit to allow the traveler to contact with the most exotic and exuberant nature from a privileged balcony overlooking the sea, in the quiet seclusion of the artifacts. A variety of sensations that justify a calm and thoughtful stroll through this corner of Malaga.

The Botanical Garden is located at the northern entrance of the city.

Address: Camino del Jardin Botanico 3 National Highway 331), Km 166, 29014-Malaga

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14 January 2015

Official qualifying round Group Competition Carnival of Cádiz 2015

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The Hotel Monte Puertatierra live with intensity all the events that have to do with our city and particularly everything related to the Carnival, named Cadiz worldwide. The qualifiers of Group Competition starts.We are already in Carnival!

 Gran_Teatro_Falla The qualifiers of COAC is will extend from 16 to 31 this month, period in which they act on the boards of Gran Teatro Falla a total of 125 clusters. Of these, 18 are choirs, 63 extras, 38 chirigotas six quartets.

Will the chorus ‘The street gang’ which gives the starting signal for the competition and the last group to perform in the qualifiers will be the joke ‘Girls Allowed’ the next day 31.

the Official Contest of Cádiz carnival groups (COAC) is held in the Gran Teatro Falla for a month, taking its final the previous Friday to Ash Wednesday, after different qualifiers.

In total, the competition consists of four phases: Qualification, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final. In each, each grouping will take up to 30 minutes of activity in each session, which starts counting from the beginning of the presentation (not exceeding 3 minutes) until the end of Potpourri (which may not exceed 8 minutes).

The Stage of Qualifying is the first phase of the competition and is the only one that can compete all registered and groupings according to the order established in a drawing to be previously performed. The order in which the songs will be sung is, if Chirigotas, Troupes and Chorus, Two Tangos / wind, Two couplets with refrains and potpourri, and a Free Parody and Two couplets with refrains, at least in the case of trios, quartets and quintets.

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