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5 July 2015

Night visit to the Church of the Savior in Seville

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 iglesiadelsalvador Entitled “ The footprint of the Sacred ” one of the most interesting tourist routes articulates Sevilla baroque.

The Church of the Divine Savior , located in the historic center of the city, has witnessed the vicissitudes of the history of Seville. We know the existence in place of the mosque of Ibn-Adabbas from the ninth to twelfth centuries AD After the conquest of King Ferdinand III happens to become schoolboy, but the actual construction after the fall of the previous one, was opened in 1712 , housing one of the largest baroque repertoire of Andalucía .

After the restoration that took place from 2003-2008, the church looks its best. The visit we are proposing today organized by Cultural Gears allows a different approach to the Church of the Savior, visiting places that are usually closed to the public as the Crypt, covers or the chapel of the Virgen de las Aguas. The nocturnal here is an additional incentive by allowing escape the rigors of Seville heat and a different vision of the visited areas.

 retablo_virgendelasaguas Three thematic blocks for groups up to 20 people approach us this monuments:

  • From Rome to the Baroque .

Walking the Patio de los Naranjos and the crypts. The various dimensions that find betray the historical sequence that has gone through the temple. The evolution from Muslim ablutions courtyard or the Renaissance octagonal fountain show us the different functions and aesthetic history has giving these spaces.

  • Spirituality Baroque.

The biggest or the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor altar, the altarpiece of the sacramental chapel of the Holy Christ of Love or the same size of Christ’s Love, a masterpiece of the Spanish Baroque sculpture and the most interesting class of sculptor Juan de Mesa y Velasco, dated 1620.Y the chapel of the Virgen de las Aguas, a small space enabled to celebrate religious ceremonies before the Virgin. Seville Baroque in its ultimate expression of spirituality.

  • From the Sky Salvador.

The upper grandstands surrounding the church we discover new and interesting details and one of the best Spanish organs. A walk through the covers, unknown space to the public, offers a privileged epilogue to this interesting visit.

This visit requires reservation can be made through footprint of the sacred

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4 July 2015

European Architecture Prize Philippe Rotthier in the CAC Málaga

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Award collective works and cultural value with regional roots and using natural and sustainable materials and a dialogue with the past and history. :

 European Architecture Prize Philippe Rotthier - Hotel Monte Málaga From July 3 until 30 August 2015 the CAC Málaga (Contemporary Art Centre) in collaboration with the College of Architects of Malaga presents the winning projects in the 2014 edition of European Architecture Prize Philippe Rotthier .

Philippe Rotthier born in 1941, graduated in architecture from the Ecole de la Cambre of 1964 Bruselas.En worked with the architect André Jacqmain in 1967 and was a founding member of the Atelier d ‘ Architecture Genval. In 1973, he settled on the island of Ibiza where he built and renovated 80 houses in the vernacular style. His method of architectural design and production have undergone a series of publications (Ibiza Le Palais Paysan, 1984, Maisons sur l’île d’Ibiza, 1990; Architectures Ibiza, 1997; xxx Ibiza, 2003).

In 1982 he founded the European Prize for the Reconstruction of the city and in 1986 the Fondation pour l’Architecture in Brussels.

In 1985 founded the Size d’Estudis de l’Habitat Pitiu in San Jose that works to protect the traditional habitat of Ibiza.

Since 2006 divides his time between Ibiza, Brussels and Polynesia, where he built his own house using local materials on the island of Tahaa.

In 2011, he founded the Museum of Architecture – La Loge in Brussels, dedicated to contemporary creation.

Established in 1982 European Prize for Architecture Philippe Rotthier reward triennial collective works and cultural value with regional roots and the use of natural materials and sustainable based on the genius of the European city and dialogue with the past and with history.

The winning works are selected by a jury of European figures from various fields, as writers, designers, architects or historians.

The jury, chaired by Maurice Culot, often chosen works of little-known authors with original approaches such as François Spoerry and lakeside architecture, Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil for its mosques and Eusebio Leal Spengler for the restoration of Havana or filmmaker Emir Kusturica for his people Küstendorf in Serbia. There also awarded the Prix Philippe Rotthier between institutions such as Bayonne, Le Plessis-Robinson and Val d’Europe in France, Palermo in Italy, Poundbury in the UK, Dresden in Germany and Sweden Äkroken campus.

intervention The winner of this edition, is the rehabilitation of a former slaughterhouse in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz) for the development of a catering school by architects Maria Gonzalez and Juanjo López de la Cruz of the study Sol89 .

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3 July 2015

Birdwatching in Huelva

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 Aguila_imperial An advantage of the location of Hotel Monte Conquero is to be a central starting point and with very good access to communications networks shoreline of Huelva .

This advantage makes us highly recommended to lovers and professional and amateur bird watching nature.

There are many points of ornithological interest of the province of Huelva, we quote here some which by their proximity or special interest may be more remarkable.

The first in its own right, the Donana National Park . An extensive natural area with over 100,000 acres is home to over 300 different bird species. Its close to the situation Strait of Gibraltar border of Europe and Africa, make this environment is a place of passage, breeding and wintering waterfowl and terrestrial species of both continents.

Doñana, home to various scientific institutions is considered the largest ecological reserve in Europe and an important center for the protection of endangered species such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the red kite or the marbled teal.

Managed by SEO / Birdlife (Spanish Ornithological Society) in the nearby village of El Rocío, Doñana account the Ornithology Francisco Bernis Center, a reference in the ornithological tourism , from their own premises enjoys one of the best location for bird watching from their terraces see spoonbills, flamingos, glossy ibis, egrets, thousands of waterfowl and very often the little imperial eagle.

The Centre has experienced staff that provides all the information, sites of interest and routes. It has a magnificent bird diorama of the marsh and offers the visitor, telescopes and high-end binoculars.

Another place of interest is undeniable suburban Parque La Norieta , within the nature reserve Laguna de El Portil , more present in the Laguna straws where we can see the Crested Lark Mediterranean and aquatic vegetation, the white wagtail, mallard or the coot.

But the coast of Huelva has other protected areas, exuberant nature where bird watching is of particular interest, the Natural Area “ Odiel Marshes “or the Natural Park of the” Marshes of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido “are just one example of that in addition to its excellent beaches Huelva has much to do .

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2 July 2015

XII Cycle palaces and convents of Seville

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baroque scenario for a complete program of music and theater. Sevilla Palace, a cycle that gives you the opportunity to see the impressive Hospital of Charity of Seville. :

 Charity Hospital - Mount Carmel Hotel The environment Hospital de la Santa Caridad of Seville last June 23 has started XII Cycle palaces and convents of Seville to extend until end of October 2015 .

With an ambitious cultural program, theater and music have in this unique setting his best ally. The Hospital de la Santa Caridad Annex to the Church of the Brotherhood of Santa Caridad , called Lord’s Church San Jorge , is a representative group of Sevillian Baroque architecture. Built on the foundation of the medieval shipyards, under the auspices of aristocrat Miguel de Manara , the hospital opened in 1682 , but then there have been various works and extensions.

That it was originally built as a hospice soon went on to become hospital, providing shelter and comfort to the needy of the city. In addition to the various rooms that make up the complex stands the entrance courtyard flanked by Tuscan columns topped with arches and decorated with tiles from 1700. In each of the areas of the yard a marble fountain rises with sculptural groups Faith and Charity, respectively, held in Genoa in 1682.

From the courtyard leads to the old hall councils, in which some related objects Miguel de Manara, as one of his swords are preserved or the death mask. The walls collect interesting paintings including a portrait painted by Valdés Leal Mañara and crucified Zurbarán work out.

The XII Cycle palaces and convents of Seville held by ICAS (Institute of Culture and Arts Sevilla) brings us a program which will involve a major theatrical and musical proposal that includes zarzuela, opera, sacred music and movie soundtracks.

Among the participating companies of the cycle we can highlight the following:

-Wind South Theatre
-Agrupación Alvarez Quintero
-at Alba theater
-Sinfonietta of San Francisco de Paula
-Company and Lyric Opera of Seville (CLOS)
-Company Cousins ​​Piter
-Hermandad of Santa Caridad

In the context of one of the most interesting baroque buildings in Seville, art and charity are enriched in this proposal.

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1 July 2015

Castillo de Santa Catalina in Cadiz

An ancient fortress which has become a bastion of culture in Cadiz.

 castillos_cadiz The Castillo de Santa Catalina de Cádiz is located in the Playa de La Caleta , into the sea on the jetty which places it as a bastion of the beach, protecting the northwest side of the city.

construction Sorted by Felipe II as a result of the Anglo-Dutch assault of 1596, its pentagonal ends in late XVI century , after the plans of architect Cristobal de Rojas with a clear Italian influence.

The floor of the castle is made up of three strongholds that sit on the beach and another overlooking the city where the only door of the enclosure protected by two bastions and a moat with a lock is located to regulate their water level. A bridge in this unique door gives access to the guardhouse at a higher stronghold where we find the inscription commemorating the completion of the work.

 castillo_santa_catalina The interior of the various pavilions are distributed around the courtyard, which is arcaded on two fronts, while the third is located in the chapel of Santa Catalina , built in 1693 during the reign of Carlos II which is devoted to St. Catherine of Alexandria and the Immaculate Conception, giving name to the fortress.

It is in 1769, when Carlos III makes military prison, highlighting the presence of American independence as the Mexican leader Mariano Abasolo who died of tuberculosis at age five from his prison. And the century served among others to prison some of those involved in the coup of 1981.

declared Cultural Interest in 1985 , inside there are pavilions, barracks and cisterns originally gunpowder. Today the Castillo de Santa Catalina has been converted into an important place of cultural diffusion, exhibition halls, art workshops and craft permanent exhibition on the history Local, in addition to the concerts and activities taking place in their courtyard.

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30 June 2015

IV edition of Animacomic in Málaga

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The Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga (FYCMA) is once again meeting point of animation and illustration. For all audiences. :

 Animacomic - Hotel Monte Málaga Malaga celebrate celebrates its fourth edition of Room Animation, Manga and Comic Animacomic Málaga .

days 4 and July 5 in Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga , the various manifestations of the art of illustration and animation have an appointment with comic fans.

The American comics, European, manga, anime and animation, all with a large commercial area where you can find from the latest to collectibles.

Animacomic professional level, commitment to the Spanish artists who despite being highly regarded internationally, are unknown to the national audience. It also remains committed to new authors, being a forum for coexistence between professional and very advantageous for both amateur.

Animacomic emerged with the effort to recover the spirit of the old comic salons, where an attractive range of activities, lectures and master classes, and care in the selection of exhibitions and guest authors converted to a large comic party in the appropriate forum for the dissemination and enhancement of the Ninth Art. The fourth edition of Animacomic Malaga is organized by the association The Pen with different cultural associations and volunteers.

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28 June 2015

Summer deals at the Hotel Monte Málaga

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Málaga, a city with much to offer. The Hotel Monte Málaga makes it easy. Enjoy our summer in Malaga. :

Take all offers of Malaga .

The Hotel Monte Málaga gives you the best conditions to have time to enjoy Malaga .

Malaga offer its magnificent beaches, The Malagueta, the lock or Los Baños del Carmen are some of the beaches Malaga takes great care and offers visitors a magnificent level equipment and services.

Malaga offer a rich and varied cuisine. Nothing compares to a spit by the sea. Visit their “ bars ” and take the good months sardines or fried fish, crumbs, garlic soup or the club.

Malaga offer multiple options for culture and leisure. A city that in recent years has become a cultural reference Andalucía , the Picasso Museum, the Thyssen Málaga Museum, CAC Málaga , the Georges Pompidou Center, the Chamber thermal or Russian-San Petersburg Museum.

For this and more, Malaga has much to offer . Hotel Monte Málaga it gets easier. Enjoy with us in our best.

Benefit from our offers !.

 mal_268_ES  mal_278_ES

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27 June 2015

Free breakfast at the Hotel Monte Conquero

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Take advantage of our offer for summer 2015. Have breakfast free booking four or more days of stay. :

 hue_279_ES Our exquisite breakfast buffet, this summer, he goes FREE in Hotel Monte Conquero in Huelva.

Book with us 4 or more days stay the July 1 to September 6, 2015 (except Columbian of 31/7 to 08/02/2015) and we offer breakfast.

Enjoy every day our wide and varied buffet with different types of fresh bread, fruit and fresh produce, pastries and fresh pastries, hot dishes and natural juices.


A varied buffet to prepare a day’s experiences, a relaxing day at the nearby beaches or spotting birds in the National Park Doñana .

Huelva. The best beaches and the best cuisine. Enjoy it with us.

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26 June 2015

Out of the mares. Huelva

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A curious tradition where nature is the main protagonist, therefore the Doñana as livestock resource use of Huelva. :

 Yeguas - Hotel Monte Conquero Coinciding with the Feria de San Pedro celebrating Almonte (Huelva) at the end of June, takes place “out of mares,” tradition regulated by the Duke of Medina Sidonia back in 1504 and its 511 years birthday.

In these days, “ yeguerizos ” will search for the horses cattle that has been scattered by different areas of marsh of Donana National Park . Cattle gather on the beach, next to the village of Rocio, where you will be blessed with their pastors for the priest Ermita de la Virgen del Rocio , addressing then to Almonte where they will arrive and organized in batches before entering the village.

Once in Almonte, after touring its streets, will remain in the village about five days during which we proceed to perform various tasks, such as cutting the “cob” mane and the shoeing Fillies for sale.

A few days later, the cattle will be driven back to the marshes of Doñana National Park where it will remain until next year.

The entry and stay of the mares and the horsemen accompanying attracts numerous visitors that make this curious cattle tradition a major tourist attraction for the region.

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25 June 2015

International Tango Festival in Cadiz

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it has been Cádiz port of departure of many of those who emigrated to Argentina. In fitting tribute, the city organized the first edition of the Tango Festival. :

 International Festival of Tango and Friends of Cadiz - Hotel Monte Puertatierra From 24 to June 28, 2015 , bandoneon, piano, violin and bass resonate in the streets of Cadiz .

The first International Tango Festival and Friends in Cadiz , organized in collaboration between the City of Cadiz and Consulate of Argentina , brings musicians, poets and dancers from overseas. With a share of about 300 artists , milonga and tango will be represented in all its essence.

Characteristic of Rio de la Plata , also extended to Uruguay , tango, dance, music and lyrics, has become a popular event with its own name, a genre that continues to evolve and be enriched.

Although the genre “tango” exists in the Andalusian flamenco, the origin and evolution of the Argentine genre is quite different. Different studies cite an ethnic origin with influences from other music as milongas, pirigundines and canguelas that shaped the second half of the nineteenth century to the present tango.

Tango music is very personal, of binary or ternary and a wide variety of instrumental ensembles, often with bandoneon in the center.

The letter also has its own personality, sometimes with texts written in a local slang called slang found in letters like milonga Edmundo Rivera engaged in their “My Buenos Aires”:

I will continue scruchando in your slang
without Bishop, giraffe, or flag.
And my voice will be the bard artillery
you sing more canera rhyme.

These letters are usually usually sad love stories. As a poet said portuense “ tango is a sad thought that is danced “.

Also, the best known, is the most personal tango dance. Sensual and deep emotional relationship between the dancers in an embrace continuous.

The scenarios chosen for this first edition of the International Tango Festival, are the Cultural Center for the Performing Arts the Castillo de Santa Catalina and outdoors, the Playa de La Caleta and places the City and Mina .


24 TO 28 JUNE

17 Hs – 19hs Classes at the Cultural Center for the Performing Arts
21 pm Milonga with tango show Celia and Nacho (Jerez – Spain) and Poetry of Alfredo Luciani (Argentina, resident Jerez) in the Castillo Santa Catalina to benefit the Association Down Cádiz Lejeune, Dj Carmen Villafuerte (Sevilla)

12 am – 14:30 pm Classes at the Cultural Center for the Performing Arts
16 pm – 20:30 pm Classes The cultural center for the performing arts
21 pm Milonga at the Castillo Santa Catalina with teachers show presentation of the festival and live music strong – Varnerin (Buenos Aires – Argentina). Dj Antonio Rufo (Sevilla)

12 am – 14:30 pm Classes at the Cultural Center for the Performing Arts
16 pm – 20:30 Classes The cultural center for the performing arts
17 am – 19 pm Milonga outdoors in front of City Hall Square, with free class for beginners
22 pm Milonga Santa Catalina Castle to show Cesar Agazzi & Virginia Uva (from Argentina, living in Toulouse, France) and José Vázquez & Anna Yarigo (from Argentina, living in Cádiz). Dj Ariel Yuryevic (Argentina, resident Palma de Mallorca)

12 am – 14:30 pm Classes at the Cultural Center for the Performing Arts
16 pm – 20:30 Classes The cultural center for the performing arts
17 am – 19 pm Milonga outdoors in Mina Square, with free class for beginners
22 pm Milonga in the Santa Catalina Castle – gala night show Marcelo Ramer & Mastroti Selva (from Argentina, living in Torino, Italy) and Eduardo Cappussi & Mariana Flores (Argentina), and live music from Strong – Varnerin ( Argentina). Dj Ariel Yuryevic (Argentina, resident Palma de Mallorca)

14:30 – 16:00 pm Classes confirmed space
17 am – 19 pm Milonga outdoors in Playa La Caleta (it is a symbolic milonga farewell festival)
21 pm Milonga farewell at the Castillo Santa Catalina, farewell show of all artists, and show Flamenco. Dj Jose Vazquez (Argentina, lives in Cadiz)

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