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11 April 2014


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Did you think we were not going to give a gift for this  HOLY WEEK? Well there you go. This is the best way to spend these days in any of the local HOTELS MONTE because we give FROM TODAY DOLROES FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY AND EASTER TO 10% ON YOUR RESERVATIONS, made ​​through the web page Monte Hotels, with the use of any of these PROMOTIONAL CODE we leave here.

Get to these days 10% ON YOUR RESERVATION at any of our hotels WIDE HOLY WEEK 2014.

Grab your Discount Coupon, apply to your reservation and enjoy this great discount that we give only book through our website

Applicable on all local MONTE HOTELS
during 2014 HOLY WEEK
Stays from Friday April 11 to Sunday April 20, 2014

Promotional Code: 018-486-223
Promotional Code: 020-760-383
Promotional Code: 036-793-212
Promotional Code: 086-470-350
Promotional Code: 117-394-104
Promotional Code: 159-833-090
Promotional Code: 185-967-810
Promotional Code: 223-341-908
Promotional Code: 273-461-693
Promotional Code:  362-904-529

How are they used? It’s easy. To see how to apply promotional codes, go HERE where we explain how you can get this discount.

Remember that these codes are single use and applicable ONLY reservations through our website. Not be combined with other offers or gifts we have in place.

Here they are. There’s no excuse not to come with us and start enjoying the benefits MONTE HOTELS puts in your hands for your rest and breaks.

You will not regret

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