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21 September 2012

Festival begins tonight Nations

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A mosaic of cultures. So you can define the Festival of Nations, which after being opened last night, will open its doors to the public today at the Prado de San Sebastian, well connected with our hotels in Seville .

The event this year has the theme “Seville, Talent and Encounter”. The entry will be free access to it, as has been the case in past editions.

This nineteenth edition novelty presented as a painting exhibition, which will present 200 works by artists from Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico, antiques and reproductions Argentine Silver Gold Museum of Colombia. Do not miss a renovated area also composed taimas style tents, decorated with motifs of the nations represented.

Also, in the culinary, Argentina may savored delicacies, blinits Russian Caiphiriñas Brazil, Australia kangaroo burgers, chicken curry from India, mojito and Ron de Cuba, Peru’s pisco shower, Italian pizzas, tea Tuareg of Zagreb, Venezuela arepas, empanadas of Chile, margaritas and tequilas in Mexico, Hawaii and exotic cocktails Santo Domingo. It will be open seven days a week with live music on weekends, alluding to the encounter between Spain and Latin America.


  • Friday 21: Day Flamenco Fusion.
    19h. Dance Classes.
    20h. Esther Weeks, Flamenco Jazz Percussion.
    21h. Musical Flamenco Fusion.
    22h. Esther Weeks, Flamenco Jazz Percussion.
    23h. Dance Classes and Choreography
  • Saturday 22: Day in Africa and Asia.
    19h. Dance Classes.
    20h. Percution Africa.
    21h. Bollywood Musical.
    22h. Percution Africa.
    23h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
  • Sunday 23: Family Day.
    12h. Clowns.
    19h. Dance Classes.
    20h. Brazilian Carnival.
    21h. Musical Beauty and the Beast.
    22h. Brazilian Carnival.
    22:30 h. Dance Classes, Choreography and Animation.
  • From Monday 24 to Wednesday 26
    From 19 to 22h: Evenings and Nights of flamenco, copla & Rumba.
  • Thursday 27: Day of Dance, Dance Day
    20h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
    21h. Dance Classes and Animation.
    22H. Ana Bella Foundation, Belly Dance, Choreography and Animation.
  • Friday 28: Day of Pop Art
    19h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
    21h. Musical hits of the 80’s.
    22h. Edu Cayuela & Dancers.
    23h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
  • Saturday 29: Talent Day.
    19h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
    20h. Sergio Lopez concert.
    21h. Musical “Boom”, The Number 1.
    22h. Special Presentation: Sergio Lopez.
    23h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
  • Sunday 30: Art & Rainbow.
    From 12 to 14h. Activities for Children.
    19h. Dance Classes and Choreography.
    20h. Broadway Musical.
    21h. Special Presentation: Garson.
    22h. Burlesque Musical.

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