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10 September 2012

Hotels Monte redesigns its website

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With a new completely new image, Monte Hotels has completed the process of improving your website, which together with the design include the addition of two specific portals, aimed at companies and travel agencies, respectively. Similarly, the user will find new attractions, such as access to the various offers and promotions chain, location and how to reach a wide hotels or tourist information on the environment and the city itself.

This new website has been developed by the own hotel chain, analyzing how best to respond to the demands of its visitors, whether individuals, companies or travel agencies. He has pursued the user to organize your getaway or business trip, please have all possible information, not only the facilities and amenities, but its intone and city you visit, and a broad range of offers and promotions throughout the chain.

The sections have been reorganized to make them very accessible, both for users and for search engines. On the other hand, incorporates new banners to identify the different promotions and a page that a single glance, you can find all the active deals in the hotels in the chain.

Companies and Travel Agents

The new website of Hotel Monte has two specific sections aimed at Travel Agencies and Companies respectively. In themselves, these entities may register so we can have access to a number of specific benefits to make reservations on line.

On one hand, companies will have more exclusive discounts and added values ​​in their rooms, online form reserved. Moreover, travel agencies, along with other advantages, will benefit from a higher commission for your reservations through the website of the chain. Alongside all this, Monte Hotels has created the Senior Agent Club, aimed specifically at tourism professionals of Travel Agents.

Finally, it is worth noting that Internet users can obtain the views of other hotels and the new Monte Hotels website offers classified according to the site of origin. Also, from this new page can be accessed directly at Blog Corporate hotel chain and social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin.

The page continues housed under the same domain: , being translated right now in English, French and German.

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