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26 July 2013

Huelva reaches the play “Les Miserables”

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The 26th and 27th Huelva Columbus House, very close to Monte Conquero Hotel, will host the premiere of the show “Les Miserables”. Framed in the program of the Department of Culture of the City of Huelva, will be in charge of Municipal Lyceum Moguer music, along with the newly created Primitivo Lázaro Onubense Music Foundation.

This musical will stage more than 200 people, including the band, chorus and soloists. Foresee, as the organized, selling more than 10,000 tickets in Huelva and turn this show into a real milestone.

Never in Spain was held a show like this, where one of the most important musical history, which has 28 straight years represented in London, becomes his most majestic symphonic version.

Alongside this, the show becomes more important because it arises from an educational institution as the Lyceum Music Moguer. The symphonic band is the only training of its kind that has accompanied artists exclusive performances from the likes of Raphael, Ana Torroja, La Oreja de Van Gogh or Paloma San Basilio, and where all the profits are always reinvested in music education and culture.


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