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25 March 2014

Last week to see the exhibition “Terry O’Neill, the face of legends”

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The Provincial Museum of Huelva hosts until the end of this month an interesting exhibition titled “Terry O’Neill. The face of Legends “ presents a retrospective on the career of the British O’Neill , who photographed in the 60’s and 70 ‘s faces young promises of pop music and Hollywood stars of the past 60 years .

Comprised of 66 images in black and white and color , the exhibition is coisariada by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz and director of collections and exhibitions of Fundación Telefónica , Laura Fernandez Orgaz.

The selection of images contains some of the most celebrated of Terry O’Neill, who focused his career in portraiture , and documenting the most intimate and natural moments of the great myths of cinema in the last 60 years, pop and rock musical trend that marked the 60s and 70s , the most famous faces of the twentieth century political figures of fashion, especially 90s.

The Museum of Huelva, 15 minutes from the Hotel Monte Conquero complements the exhibition in the adjoining room with sign ” Through the glass . Collection of stereoscopic photographs , “which is about a collection of images from World War I , met in 2014 at the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. This exhibition is organized in conjunction with the Historical Archives , under the patronage of CEPSA .

Today, Terry O’Neill ‘s work is exhibited in national galleries and private collections around the world and promotes international photojournalism awards that bear his name .

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