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8 September 2012

New tourism in the Bay aboard the ship “La Pepa Cadiz”

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Tourism in the Bay of Cadiz will be increased from next September 4 when the ship “La Pepa Cadiz” Albarco company, makes a first its first service between El Puerto de Santa Maria and Cadiz, with an itinerary different holding catamarans, so that passengers can enjoy some more detail further on board corners sipping a glass of wine offered by the wineries Osborne.

“The Cadiz Pepa” will be located in the old wharf of Vapor-close to Monte Puertatierra hotel, one of the hotels in Cadiz four stars. The ship will not make a straight line down to the capital, but was diverted from the river to Puerto Sherry Guadalete to see the remains of the fortress of Santa Catalina, with an explanation in four languages ​​on board, to put towards the following Bay. Enter into the capital to see the sea from the ramparts, the Paseo de la Alameda, to the Church of the Carmen and heading back to the port.

The tour will last one hour and will be two round trips, depending on weather conditions. The ticket price is six euros a tour only, and round ten euros.

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