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29 July 2012

Spanish guitar player in one of the nights of the Alcazar

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We offer the programming of the series “Night in the Gardens of the Alcázar” for next week, from Monday 30 July to Sunday 5 August 2012.

At the same will be found Old Music and World Music, among others.

The Real Alcázar is located in the center of the city, perfectly connected with the hotels Mount Carmel and Monte Triana, our hotels in Seville . Tickets can be purchased one week in advance, with a maximum of 7 per person and day of concert. You are not allowed access to children under 8 years. The ticket price is 4 euros and 5 euros at the box office if the purchase is made by telephone or Internet.

All concerts begin at 22.30 hours, with access to the premises from 21.00 until 22.25 hours and.

From Monday 30 July to Sunday 5 August 2012

· Monday 30 July
Early Music Cycle – Andalusia and the Mediterranean
Andalusia and the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. Romances, dances and cantigas

· Tuesday 31 July
Cycle World Music – Latin, the utopia of a New World
Vicky and Noel Rosa Ismael abraçan

· Wednesday August 1
Cycle Flamenco – Andalusian, Mediterranean
On the banks of the song

· Thursday August 2
Classical Series – Bicentennial of the Constitution of Cadiz
Romantic exile. The Spanish guitar around 1812

· Friday August 3
Classical Series – 150 Birthday of Debussy
French Connection. Paris 1900, the birth of Spanish musical nationalism

· Saturday August 4
Cycle Flamenco – Andalusian, Mediterranean
FLAMENCO Chekara Jallal
Flamenco and Andalusian music: the heart of the Mediterranean

· Sunday August 5
Cycle World Music
Folk Music inspired by the traditional music of the Celtic nations

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