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12 August 2013

Traditional music and Flamenco this week at the Alcazar

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Flamenco midweek coexist with several concerts of traditional music: the “strokes” of Rosario La Temendita and the voice of Jesus Mendez will be interspersed with sounds of east and Andalusian, among others. The variety of sound in the series “Night in the Gardens of the Palace” as the tonic of these next 7 days.

If you need more information on how to reach the Real Alcazar of Seville, please contact our reception facilities and Hotel Monte Carmelo / Hotel Monte Triana.

All concerts start at 22.30 hours.

Week from 12 to 18 August

Day 12: Cycle Traditional music
Memories – Music from the East and the Mediterranean

Day 13: Cycle Traditional music
Sones between East and West – Pulsed Ropes

Day 14: Flamenco
Rosario “The Tremendita”

Day 15: Cycle Flamenco
Jesus Mendez
From the Square

Day 16: Early Music Cycle
Vicente Parrilla + Miguel Rincon
Bach, Corelli, Vitali Hotteterre & Fred Morgan, in memoriam

Day 17: Cycle Traditional music
Nassim Al Andalus
Dances and Andalusian music – Music on the Border

Day 18: Cycle Traditional music
Sheela Na Gig
The Nightflowers Sessions – Celtic World Music

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