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29 June 2013

Triana center, home of the day’s proceedings of St. Bar-tolo

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Today is a special day in Triana as San Jacinto Street, about five minutes from the Hotel Monte Triana is carried out different play activities promoted by the Coca-Cola company, to pay tribute to the hoteliers on the occasion of those who have come to call the Day of St. Bar-tolo.

Under the slogan of “Blessed bars” the multinational intends to claim to bars as centers of social life, through a new festival and a reunion of citizens with their favorite bars, an initiative that is part of ambitious commercial operation, spread by the media, internet and social networking. It also aims to boost consumer spending.

The campaign will tour several cities with different activities. Today, in Triana, will be held as follows:

At 11 in the morning will begin with a concert by the Band of “Tres Caídas” (Brotherhood of the Esperanza de Triana). This concert will serve as the official opening act, later to start with a parade at 12.15 h. about the band itself. Continue the activities with the group’s performance “Dando el Cante” to 1pm and then the performance of the Choir of the Hermandad del Rocío, which will occur at approximately 14.15 h.

During the afternoon will resume activities, to be held at 19.30 flamenco fashion pass. Continue to 20.25 h. A new session of parades and the performance of the joke of Cadiz of José Luis Cossio “The Selu” this past year by the name of “The Banker truths” (at 9 pm), the performance of “Bikini Turbo” pop group at 22.00 h., and the popular group “Los Centellas” an hour later. Finally, at 12 pm, the day will conclude with a fireworks display.

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