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11 July 2013

We continue giving 10% at Hotel Monte Malaga

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Here’s more Discount Promo Codes we give you today. You can apply it to your online booking at the Hotel Monte Málaga for the month of July and get 10% off our web price.

You see, it’s that easy!

Every week you will find here in our BLOG CORPORATE and social networks Twitter and Facebook.

You know, you can get these discount Promotional Codes follows:

- 10% on Web Rate for stays in the month of July at the Monte Málaga Hotel

Applicable only in the Monte Malaga Hotel
Promotional Code: 112-537-432
Promotional Code: 1128-526-146
Promotional Code: 128-804-491
Promotional Code: 131-099-725
Promotional Code: 136-395-098

How are they used? It’s easy. To see how to apply promotional codes, go HERE where we explain how you can get this discount.

Remember that these codes are single use and applicable ONLY reservations through our website. Not be combined with other offers or gifts we have in place.

Here they are. There’s no excuse not to come with us and start enjoying the benefits MONTE HOTELS puts in your hands for your rest and breaks.

You will not regret

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